Shadow of the Colossus

  • Beautiful design and simplicity – Puzzle approach to the genre – Setting
  • Lack of customisation and character development might turn some away

Shadow of the Colossus will take you on an action adventure in a game world that is linked to that of Ico (a previous game from the same developer). Originally launching in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 the game was re-released with Ico in a bundled HD version for PS3 in 2011.


The game is set in a strange fantasy world known only as the ForbiddenLand. This area is void of people although several ruins do suggest there once was life here. You play as Wander who travels into this realm with his horse Argo. With an ancient sword in your possession you attempt to defeat the sixteen idols so that the maiden Mono can have her soul placed back into her body.

Shadow of the Colossus breaks the mould in terms of the genre with a lack of towns and even general interaction. Instead the game focuses solely on defeating the sixteen enemies known as colossi. Each of them have their own weakness that the player must find in order to defeat them, giving the game a puzzle like feel.

From a central hub area the player will use the power of the sword to help point them in the right direction of each enemy. These opponents are all located at remote locations requiring the player to move through a number of gloomy and varied terrains.


Once you’ve found your enemy you’ll have to investigate the surrounding environment as it generally plays an important role in finding a weakness to capitalise on. Players are able to grab hold and even scale their enemy which creates a very unique combat experience. After a successful battle you’ll return to the hub to seek out your next fight.

Shadow of Colossus saw plenty of praise after its release and is a game that all PlayStation owners and fans of action adventures need to play.


  • A unique adventure for your PlayStation console.
  • Fight the 16 different colossi to save Mono.
  • Learn the weaknesses of each enemy to bring them down.
  • Ride your horse Argo and even fight on horseback.
  • Explore some impressively gloomy and varied environments.



Review Platform: PS3

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