Shadow Warrior

  • Fun weapons and brutal melee combat – Great dark humour
  • Not enough variety in enemies – Some bugs that can prevent advancement

Shadow Warrior (2013) remakes the highly popular original game which was released in 1997 and shares the same name. While the game is a first person shooter the melee combat is very impressive and often the most effective.


In this demonic adventure players will assume the role of Lo Wang, a Japanese assassin. After a deal to purchase an ancient katana turns bad he finds himself captured but escapes when a realm of demons opens up and consumes the compound he is caged in. At this point he allies with a masked demon named Hoji who explains the origins of the sword and reveals that actually has other pieces to it that need to be tracked down.

Gameplay occurs in first person which allows you to get up close and personal with a variety of demon enemies. Wang can use a wide selection of ranged weapons with the majority being highly destructive (shotguns, rocket launchers and explosive crossbows). Your signature weapon though is a powerful katana that can behead enemies and offers a range of different melee attacks of varying effectiveness.

Enemies are equally varied with different strengths, size and attacks to counter with your arsenal of weapons. Unique boss fights are also a staple which can be difficult to take down but very rewarding when achieved.


Basic RPG features give the game a good sense of progression with players improving both their weapons and abilities within the game. Currencies within the game includes money which is primarily spent on weapons and ammunition, Karma points which are gained for combat proficiency and rarer Ki Crystals that lie waiting in hidden locations. These hidden locations are off the beaten path of Shadow Warrior which otherwise is a fairly linear adventure with plenty of script elements.

For melee orientated gameplay with a demonic theme this reboot of the original is a decent option. Unfortunately a few bugs and average visuals stop it from being something great.


  • Horror shooter with great melee combat.
  • Upgrade Lo Wang as you adventure and find secrets.
  • Dark humour and storyline.
  • Fight unique and tough game bosses.
  • Available on all major platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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