• Unique game design that immerses you into the adventure with a number of tense moments
  • Good pacing with ups and downs of survival ensuring you remain engaged from start to end
  • A short adventure at just over an hour which will impact your value for money
  • Lacks some explanation of game mechanics that creates frustrations with such high stakes

Shelter is a survival based game where players control a mother badger who attempts to protect her cubs through a journey of migration from one home to another. While the game is a simple experience for Windows and Mac it’s also a unique journey of survival and connection with nature.


Shelter is set in a wilderness setting with a number of biomes with players assuming direct control over the mother badger who is accompanied by her 5 badger cubs. The journey of Shelter takes players from their home burrow through a mostly linear journey to their new safe home. While your overall direction is linear there are occasionally multiple pathways to take that have their own risks and require players to make difficult decisions about safety.

The risks in Shelter are many to the young badger cubs with birds stalking to the sky, rapidly flowing rivers, forest fires and the ongoing hunt for food to support their growing needs. When night falls the forest area becomes even more dangerous with the low light allowing you to easily lose one of your cubs to the darkness.


All of this is supported with a simple but stylised art style which combined with the soundtrack creates a suitable atmosphere for the challenging journey ahead. From the long grass to the shadows of circling birds and the bright apples that fall from the trees you’ll feel immersed in the world and have clear information to make your game decisions.

In terms of gameplay players move through the game world with their cubs happily following the player closely as you would expect. A recurring requirement through this journey is the requirement to collect food to keep your cubs well fed but also requires the player to protect them from the various threats that are encountered. Food comes in a number of forms from apples that the player can knock from trees to plants in the ground and rats that the player has to sneak up on using the tall grass to catch them.


Each of these activities are littered with threats though which are just as varied as food sources with players having to look out for hawks above and even wildfires that threaten to consume the entire forest landscape. Shelter also makes use of a few night time sequences where getting separated is a large threat alongside a raging river where separation is the greatest risk to survival.

Shelter easily scores full points for the unique game design and presentation that it offers with a visual style that also stands out amongst similar titles. While a short journey it does not lack intensity as you care for your cubs through many challenges.


  • A unique game offering that has players controlling a mother badger who guides their cubs through the perilous game world.
  • An adventure about loss and survival as you continue forward to your new home of safety.
  • Find food from a range of sources to keep your cubs well feed.
  • Stylised art work combines with a fantastic soundtrack and sound design to generate game immersion.
  • Available for Windows and Mac gamers.



Review Platform: PC

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