Sherwood Dungeon

  • Action based combat – Free – Play in your browser
  • Bit of a grind – Needs more player to player interaction

Sherwood Dungeon offers a great fantasy experience and is playable on your Android phone making it a popular alternative to RuneScape. Best of all you can start playing Sherwood Dungeon immediately without an account which allows you to easily try out this MMORPG before fiddling around with the signup process.


At first glance the game is a very simple fantasy MMORPG but there is a good amount of depth for those interested in exploring deeper. Uniquely the game uses an action orientated battle system that gives you more control over your decisions in battle.

Sherwood Dungeon focuses on providing a simple MMORPG and gets rid of plenty of restrictions that other games place on its player base. This includes lack of death penalties, very flexible class options and simple combat. All of these features make it attractive as a casual experience for gamers not interested in committing a large amount of time to an online game.

Sherwood Dungeon may be just a simple game but it is definitely not lacking in content with everything that you would expect from a MMORPG with hundreds of dungeon levels to explore for treasure, thousands of maps, over a million players and clan support.


Most of your time in Sherwood Dungeon will be spent searching through the dungeons for epic loot which you can either equip yourself or trade with merchants. The game allows you to either equip a sword and shield or go all out and equip two mighty weapons. You can also enhance your weapons with runes if you can find them while exploring the various dungeons.

Sherwood Dungeon is one of the very best alternatives to RuneScape and one of the few good MMORPGs available. The amount of content you can access for free is simply amazing and as far as casual MMORPG experiences go this one is definitely at the top of the list and since you can start playing without even opening account there is no excuse not to try the game out.


  • Free to play MMORPG.
  • Large fantasy world with great variety of locations and monsters.
  • Loot items or craft powerful magical items with runes.
  • Fantastic graphics for an Android game.
  • Real time combat lets you control the battle flow.



Review Platform: Android

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. Terrible embarrassment of a game. More of a chore than an actual game.
    Community is crud too.

  2. This is a great game i play this for 3 years the community is awesome all the clan raids
    but… only two thing i hate in this game – People that dont speak english and THAT CLAN TQA

  3. @Anyone, I agree with people that don’t speak English but TQA? I’m in that clan… Also, great game. 8/10, has it’s flaws, but it’s great! I just don’t like how you have to have real money to buy a pet/mount. Otherwise, mostly it’s free otherwise (some things may need features, like publishing a clan room). It’s a great game and the defeating Bane the black dragon comes quickly. Not too much time needs to be invested in order to pretty much finish the main quests, and that leaves you to doing what you’d like to do.

  4. I played this game as a child on some afternoons and wondered if it was still around after the shutdown of flash. Surprisingly it is. And it’s still the same demo as back in 2007.
    Even more surprisingly are that most reviews like this one are positive. You can barely call Sherwood Dungeon a MMO. It doesnt have any content. Okay, after the quest which consists of slaying random creatures, then return to the NPC, you get kind of a boss fight. But that’s it, one hour of rather boring gameplay. You can go to the Dungeon and slay other random creatures but it is pointless. The levels are meaningless because they dont affect combat or anything else in the game. You can get new weapons and stuff, even for real world money, items that are equally meaningless and purely aesthetic.


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