Silkroad Online

  • PvP game mode – Historical setting – Class options
  • Grind based

Silkroad Online takes place in a 7th century setting and is based on the Silk Road that once connected Europe and China. The game launched in 2005 in the Korean gaming market and after great success made its way to an international release.


At the start of your Silkroad Online adventure players have the option to create either a European or Asian character with each having their own background and starting areas. Players will also choose their starting weapons and armour from a collection of melee and ranged weapons. Visual customisation is also available but fairly limited so there are plenty of similar faces running around the game world.

These other players might look like you but thanks to the unique lack of character classes and vast number of skills this is where the similarities will end.

This class system lets players advance their character the way they want rather than being tied to a particular class during the early-mid stages of your adventure. Silkroad Online was one of the very first games to use such a system and still one of the few to get it right. As you get deeper into the game eventually you can choose from a number of classes which is different based on your original nationality (European or Asian).

The best aspect of Silkroad Online is the PvP system which combines well with the game setting and a profession system. In the PvP players must select one of three professions (hunter, thief and merchant).


Depending on the chosen profession players have a very different role in the PvP. Merchants attempt to get items from town to town to make profit while paying the hunters as mercenaries to protect them from thieves. It’s an interesting concept and one that fits the Silkroad setting of the game brilliantly.

As an older MMORPG Silkroad Online has had time to develop a large audience and an even larger amount of game content. But it’s age also means that it’s a very grind heavy experience, the game is definitely for the PvP minded.


  • Based on the historical Silkroad between Asia and Europe.
  • Plenty of class freedom.
  • Unique PvP and profession system that captures the feeling of the Silkroad.
  • Large population with plenty of content available.
  • Play the game as either the Asian or European faction.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Nice review on the game, but you should definetly check this video out , seems to be the latest version and the game informations are more precise than the ones from mmo hut. You should add this as optional video or main video if you like it.


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