• Lots of options for growth to create something unique
  • Elements of active gameplay to keep you entertained
  • Slow to get the feeling of a true airport as you slowly build up to the games potential

If you’d prefer to take over the skies as opposed to the themes of various other tycoon management games on offer than Skyrama allows you to do just that. Starting from the most basic airport you’ll want to expand out to create a massive central airport hub which means greater profit and new tools to continue your expansion to be an airport tycoon. While originally a browser based title following the retirement of Adobe Flash Skyrama is now available through a client download on the official website.


Like other tycoon titles this means Skyrama does start off slowly in terms of its game mechanics as you build up your base of operations and expand on your potential options. Starting with only a single plane and sending it across the globe will generate money for your small operation before receiving the plane back while also ensuring they are maintained and fuelled for their next trip across the skies by clicking on them.

For those that add in game friends you’ll also be able to visit their airport and vice versa that adds some light social features to the Skyrama formula. All of these mechanics are accomplished through a standard click based mechanism that lets you do all these tasks with a single click from within the game client. Where Skyrama really starts to take off is when players have several airplanes on the go with limited runways space making the game more akin to a logical puzzle than the traditional management game you might have expected.


This also ensures an active element to Skyrama that keeps you focused on important tasks at hand amongst your broader airport goals. All the while the funds are rolling in players will also be expanding the airport in a visual fashion with the likes of new buildings and a bunch of decorations like lakes and tree areas to make your airport truly your own.

Skyrama has a fairly large library of decorations and buildings which for the most part are presented well, albeit simply. Primarily supporting your airport with the likes of new terminals, runways and importantly car parks for your guests to leave their cars when travelling across the seas.


Overall SkyRama finds itself not in a complex place with simple design and mechanics although the curve that your airport goes through is still enjoyable for the casual player that is seeking something different.


  • Create your own thriving airport one plane and runway at a time.
  • Command your flight paths, maintenance and fuelling to keep your planes in the sky longer to earn you revenue.
  • Customise your buildings and decorations to make your airport your own with all the amenities that travellers need.
  • Add friends and compare airports with each other to find new ideas.
  • Free to play game available through downloadable client (previously browser).



Review Platform: Browser

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