• Immersive game world with a huge amount of main and side content for players to explore as they wish
  • Skill variation and freedom allows players to develop their own unique character
  • Side quest and character dialogue are have been cut back from past titles to be more linear than past Elder Scroll adventures

Skyrim is the fifth game in the expansive Elder Scrolls franchise and continues building on the success of the previous games with a large open world and sharp role playing adventure as you design your own character and craft their story within the fantasy realm. First released in 2011 the game has since been remastered, ported and had an anniversary edition released that alter various elements of gameplay and package up the DLC expansions.


The core Skyrim storyline strikes a balance of distance and connection to the previous Elder Scrolls games which ensures newcomers or returning players can each have an appropriate game experience. The base for this story experience is a setting 200 years after the previous title (Oblivion) where players embark across the cold and often mountainous region of the Tamriel continent. Historically this area has been divided into 9 different regions that govern administration, five of which are specifically powerful and while humans are abundant across these regions there are still strong pockets of other races throughout. Many of these races are also playable by the character and one element of conflict on the continent with many past wars and events being linked to these human and fantasy races alongside their specific religious practices.

The most important aspect to the Skyrim storyline and the most notable in terms of gameplay mechanics is the history of the dragons who once had claim over the continent and have since returned alongside the the dragon ruler Alduin to consume the world. The world is not without hope though as a line of powerful warriors known as the Dragonborn capable of slaying dragons and absorbing their power to utilise powerful draconic spells known as shouts.


Gameplay in Skyrim from start to finish is relatively similar to the previous games in the franchise although modernised resulting in enhancements across combat and skill systems. Like other high quality role playing video games players can expect a high level of freedom across visual and character customisation which starts with your choice of race that each provide their own playstyle benefits. These choices range from the human Bretons that are a magical race, the human warrior Nords or the fantasy variants like the lizard Argonians.

Pairing your race with your intended gameplay blend of magic, warrior and thief playstyles is of course recommended although players are free to walk the lines between any playstyle from a role playing perspective. With levels through quests, actions in game and kills you’ll be investing your experience across eighteen total skills split equally across the aforementioned playstyles. Within the mage tree you’ll find Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Restoration and Enchanting with the warrior branch including Archery, Block,
Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Two-Handed and Smithing and lastly thief offering Alchemy, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak and Speech.


Players can also bolster their power by bringing a companion along on their journey across the lands on foot or horseback where you’ll find all manner of locations with their own stories to unfold. With this exploration providing not only the levels for the above mentioned skills but also key equipment or crafting materials you’ll be rewarded for each discovery as you improve your chances at defeating Alduin.


  • Massive game world filled with quests and NPCs where you can design your own character story.
  • Fight a number of unique dragon types as you acquire their souls to grow your own dragon powers.
  • 10 playable game races that include their own unique powers to support particular playstyles.
  • Select your own skill mix from three distinct trees of mage, warrior and thief to design your own unique playstyle.
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay across main and side content that tell the story of a continent in conflict.



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