• Third person perspective and game mode variety offers something new to the MOBA genre
  • Fantastic God designs across 100 options and five archetypes
  • Narrow item design offers little flexibility in how you play your favourite God

Smite (SMITE) introduces the third person perspective into the MOBA genre as opposed to the isometric (top-down) views of most other games in the popular strategic genre. Like others though Smite is a free to play experience that supports itself with cosmetic microtransactions for your favourite gods. Not content with just being a PC based experience Smite also offers console (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) versions which also makes it one of the few in the genre to grace these platforms.


As one would expect to see within a MOBA experience you’ll be commanding a single character and using their unique abilities to defeat the enemy team of heroes in team based combat strategy. Opting to call on Gods from mythology for its character classes Smite features over 100 playable Gods with recognisable themes from other media which ensures everyone will have a favourite that offers a playstyle that they desire. The collection of Gods in Smite is of course constantly being expanded and refined with inspiration drawn from mythology of various civilisations including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and Chinese.

Outside of God theme and selection you will find that Smite stays true to the popular MOBA formula and the core experience features everything you would expect from 5v5 combat, lanes, minions, a jungle area, map bosses and other familiar mechanics. With this base you’ll find familiar meta developments around taking objectives, pushing waves of uncontrollable minions into the opposing base, matching God abilities to create deadly combinations and a sense of steady progression within each match as your God grows from level 1 to max level.


Each of these Smite Gods possess four different spells (one of which is an ultimate), a passive ability and a basic attack available to them which is relied on heavily during the early game to push lanes and kill opposing minions until the players spells and equipment gains significant power. Split broadly into give archetypes of hunters, guardians, mages, warriors and assassins each has their role in a team and associated power curve. For example players can control the God Apollo who is highly mobile hunter that utilises simple physical ranged attacked to deal damage with buffs to his damage, physical protection, abilities to damage those in front of him and the ability to ride a chariot across the sky for an ultimate ability.

In stark contrast the mage archetype includes Gods like Anubis that is a master of area of effect damage through ranged magical attacks. This includes abilities to unleash a plague of locusts, stunning a target with a bandage and releasing grasping hands from the underworld while draining the resistances of enemies passively.


A large attraction to the game of Smite beyond the well designed God mechanics is the number of game modes that are available in Smite which is well ahead of most other MOBA games. This includes the core MOBA mode known as conquest, an arena mode that focuses on direct God on God combat, assault which utilises only a single lane, a 3v3 Joust mode and a casual 5v5 mode known as Slash that trims down the map mechanics to potentially help new players.


  • A third person perspective MOBA game that blends familiar and new mechanics..
  • Play as Gods from a variety of mythologies across five different archetypes.
  • Find your favourite God and utilise their four unique skills and passive ability to defeat minions, other players and secure objectives.
  • Huge collection of game modes that offer different objectives and team sizes.
  • Play for free with premium currency and packs to unlock new visual appearances for your favourite Gods.



Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. This game is better than lol… LoL looks like a Tibia (17 old moba game) compare with smite. Graphic looks pretty good and there is awsome gameplay.

  2. I agree with Robie. I have played both LoL and Smite and Smite is definitely the better one in my opinion.

  3. I super love Smite ^^ it’s great! love the skins [:

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