Smurfs’ Village

  • Mini games add an element of active gameplay to a traditionally passive management genre
  • Special Smurfs from the series adds a wonderful touch of familiarity
  • Premium currency restrictions limit your access to certain buildings for your village

Smurfs’ Village lets you create your perfect village for your favourite tiny blue characters on your iOS or Android device. With plenty of mini games to enjoy Smurfs’ Village takes gameplay a step further than more simple city building management games in the genre while also drawing upon the wealth of Smurf lore developed in other media.


Your task on your mobile device is to rebuild your village and rescue all the Smurfs lost in the forest after Gargamel discovered your original Smurf home and sent everyone fleeing. This requires you to start from scratch with a single Smurf house to create something you’ll be proud to call home which requires a steady build up of structures by gathering the necessary resources. To guide players Papa Smurf will provide your tutorial and ongoing content guidance with his familiar upbeat attitude to the powers of Smurfs.

The wealth of available buildings in Smurfs’ Village is one highlight of the game in particular with huts to attract Smurfs, farms, special Smurfs, animals, structures and a large collection of decorations that allow all players to create something unique to them. While players start on the mainland in time you’ll be able to spread your Smurf influence across five districts with an island, mountain, grove and even a planet. For everything that you place in your village you’ll also generate experience with some of the more costly options giving experience on a regular basis or unlocking mini games for additional game content.


While there are lots of options within each category players will only be able to access around 50% of them without the premium currency of smurfberries although this doesn’t lock players out of significant features and are primarily premium cosmetics. In addition for the most part Smurfs’ Village does a good job of handing out these powerful berries for in game actions but requires a large time investment to make relying on these free forms of smurfberries a possibility.

The feature that will really keep you playing in Smurf’s Village is hidden in the mini games with around a dozen of these simple games to help kill time while you wait for your next building to finish. Games include things like creating potions, painting, baking, mining and much more that all help your progression actively engaging with the mini game gameplay.


For fans of the Smurfs franchise you’ll really like developing a cosy little forest escape for your familiar special blue little men and notable special characters from the franchise. The mini games are a great addition and gives you the potential for a more active role in the journey but the huge number of smurfberry exclusive items might sour the experience for some.


  • Play a wide variety of different mini games with special Smurfs.
  • Add buildings, decorations and paths to your village with a total of five districts to develop your Smurf Village.
  • Save all the Smurfs lost in the forest with a wealth of familiar characters from other Smurf media.
  • Lots of quests provided by Papa Smurf to give you direction.
  • Play on Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. The smurfs village game is a waste of time and money! I was at level 57 and the game was having glitches, so I contacted them and their solution was to erase all my game data and have me start over. I had spent about $300 on the game!! Would not recommend the game to ANYONE!!!!!

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