Space Colony

  • Great concept that offers 2 different campaign angles as you balance a mix of genre mechanics
  • Unique quirks and designs of colonists ensures each has a distinct and memorable personality
  • A little too much micromanagement for players to manage within the core gameplay loop
  • One campaign feels too easy and the other too hard that can be a lumpy experience

Space Colony throws a crew of explorers across to the other side of the known galaxy with a limited number of resources to create a profitable venture for the powerful corporation that sent them. With this base deep in alien territory you’ll have to keep these explorers safe from the hostile alien threat that circles your base constantly while maximising your resource acquisition


Part simulation game Space Colony requires players to not only expand their base but also keep their colonists happy for the efficiency benefits this provides. With each colonist having a mind of their own and a paycheque that they require to keep working you’ll have to keep them safe and happy otherwise you’ll have a riot on your hand. With over 100 buildings to design a colony and meet their needs the range of designs are extremely varied and ensures two players or even two playthroughs can be entirely different. Broadly you’ll find building objects split between industry objects like the bio research lab, chicken farmer unit, titanium extractor and military installations like the dogbot or force field post.

This large number of buildings makes for interesting decisions through the campaign challenges of Space Colony, do you spend your little resources on a new laser defence system? Or a restaurant to keep your people happy instead to manage their ongoing needs. These people can also learn their own specialities from their base skills to make them formidable mining engineers or laser specialists that help your settlement in different ways and requires some balancing of skillsets just like in the real world.


The connection to your settlement is further enhanced by the predesigned 20 main colonists that you’ll have available that each have their own name, age, work, likes and dislikes. Stig Svensson for example is a versatile colonist that comes from Norway and is experienced at mining given his strong build while he spends his time not working seeking thrills and the sauna on base.

Space Colony splits its campaign into two different experiences that alter the focus for your simulation adventure. On the more casual and easy side you have your ultimate objective to develop a tourist hot spot on the planet. For those wanting more of a challenge the military based campaign where you build a military base (complete with defences) offers a different game experience as you fight of over a dozen alien creature types that includes the deadly acidwing or lava beetle to the less threatening space chicken.


The unique mix of building up your own colony with strategy elements and the sim management of your people as you develop them for particular tasks has allowed Space Colony to stand outside normal genre confines and as a result has retained its status of unique since release.


  • Two different campaigns to experience that shift your focus between economic and military space base.
  • Over 100 buildings to construct on your space colony across industry and military options.
  • Select your crew from 20 predesigned characters and train them with specialities to optimise production.
  • Part strategy game and part simulation that results in a unique blend of genres.
  • Released in 2003 with an updated HD version in 2012 that refresh the game visuals.



Review Platform: PC

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