Space Empires V

  • Fantastic AI customisation options opens up easy mod opportunities
  • Strong galactic scope which is supported by deep technology, races, battles and diplomacy to create a good 4X space experience
  • Dated UI design can be complex and overwhelming for new players to the franchise
  • A wealth of unfixed bugs that players are bound to encounter and can detract from your experience

Space Empires V (SEV) returns to the 4X turn based genre for the fifth time with a 2006 released title developed by Malfador Machinations. Leveraging familiar game mechanics across races and technologies will adding in some small adjustments throughout players will once again be challenged to take over an entire galaxy with Civilisation style gameplay.


Space Empires V is not simply an upgraded version of its predecessor though with many gameplay improvements altering the game in a number of ways with the objective to offer the most expansive title in the franchise yet. This formula means Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate is stronger than ever as you utilise new political alliance options, design every hex of your ship and even script your own AI for different challenges.

The biggest feature of note that you’ll identify in particular is the introduction of 3D graphics and a completely overhauled user interface to make the game more accessible than past titles. Space Empires V also uses a real time combat system that strategy fans will recognise from the popular Total War series so that there is a blend of tactical and real time pacing.


This blended combat system has players controlling their battle movements in real time while the rest of the game takes place in a turn based environment. Space Empires V also introduces ground combat to the series in addition to the standard space battles so that this combat is broader than ever and requires a careful strategic mind to piece together the options and execute your grand plan.

When players aren’t exploring the universe and battling enemies in Space Empires V you’ll focus on building your space age empire while also researching various technologies to keep you ahead of the competition. Spread over 100 solar systems that each hold over a dozen planets the galaxy is vast for a game released in 2006 with thousands of technology tree levels providing an equivalent number of opportunities to optimise. With the galaxy generation being random in each space scenario you embark on you’ll find a new challenge each time that players must adjust their gameplay for.


Race selection has always been a defining element of the Space Empires series and it returns just as strong in the fifth game in the series. Space Empires V offers 14 unique races to choose from while also allowing players to easily create their own if they wish for either a challenge or something that simply matches their preferred playstyle. If players do go down this pathway of creating your own race you will find a massive amount of detail is available to give your custom race a real galactic feel. Customisation options for races include government, social, shipsets and improved starting technologies which create your races strengths.


  • Play as one of 14 unique space races or create your own unique option from a broad range of options.
  • 100 solar systems to explore that each have over a dozen planets to claim.
  • Great turn based strategy that integrates real time combat elements.
  • One of the great modern space 4X game franchises available with a fifth edition.
  • Thousands of technologies to create massive depth on the pathway you take to victory.



Review Platform: PC

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