Space Lich Omega

  • Blend of RPG elements and incremental gameplay with active based adventures
  • Large range of locations and characters presented in fantastic ASCII game art
  • No information provided for once off decisions which might prove frustrating for some due to their permanent nature

Space Lich Omega takes inspiration from similar ASCII art based RPG titles like Candy Box and A Dark Room but puts a demon spin on the equation with players venturing deep into the church labyrinth to battle demons and exploring the various paths through the mountain at the same time. Available for free to play within your browser Space Lich Omega is an accessible title that utilises mouse based mechanics as you click to visit locations or the simple buttons on screen that activate certain interactions based on your current location.


Players start on the town screen in Space Lich Omega with the store, church and factory being available and each represented in ASCII art. With no guidance its up to players to discover the mechanics at play here with some of your early decisions impacting the rest of your adventure. Gold is the primarily currency of Space Lich Omega and generates slowly over time from said factory but can also be generated by spamming the “click” button at the top of the screen. This gold is then invested in the town store to upgrade your store, purchase some armour, stock up on potions, runes and gears amongst other later uses.

Gears are the primary source of passive income and once placed in the factory can ensure a steady flow of gold is generated for your adventures. With their increasing costs from the store you’ve got a familiar fundamental exponential mechanic of the idle genre as you sacrifice your gold acquired to date to improve your passive gold income. Meanwhile the more expensive batteries from the store give you a method of acquiring the second currency in Space Lich Omega of gunk. When gold and gunk are combined at the factory you’ll be able to boost your maximum health which is particularly useful in overcoming the increasing challenge of adventures.


These adventures are also a core mechanic and take place at the mountain or church and often require intervention from the player to be successful unless you’ve overequipped yourself for the challenge. These active elements include using potions or casting magic as well as opting to leave the dungeon if you realise you are ill-equipped although this sacrifices anything obtained from enemies within that adventure. This is a slight change of direction from similar games which are passive in nature and does give Space Lich Omega an active component.

As players earn higher amounts of game currencies additional mechanics that allow you to explore additional locations beyond the mountain that bring their own challenges. With all of these mechanics combined Space Lich Omega draws from both RPG and incremental game genres and combines it with an impressive ASCII style art that can be colour switched at anytime with the inverse option.


Space Lich Omega also encourages some replay of its challenges with a number of choices that alter your adventure and a hardcore mode for the player that wants to complete the entire adventure without a single death.


  • An adventure that blends ASCII art work with RPG and incremental game mechanics.
  • Venture under the church, through the mountain, into the tower and other locations with their own characters and adventures.
  • Buy weapons, armour, spells and potions for the journey to maximise your survival.
  • Many one off decisions which alter your stats and other game mechanics.
  • Free to play browser based game.


Review Platform: Browser

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