• Puzzle design offers great depth to solutions
  • Later hard puzzles aren't for the faint hearted

Exploring the principles of chemical bonding inside a video game has probably never crossed your mind as an enjoyable experience but SpaceChem achieves just that.


Your objective in this puzzle title is to use automation and chemical reactions to achieve the objectives for that level by designing an appropriate system. This blend of chemistry and programming combined with the open ended solutions to each level ensures all puzzle fans will enjoy what is on offer and also pick up some basics of chemistry.

Within each level players are presented with the inside of their very own Reactor which contains up to two input and output quadrants. To shift your molecules between these areas you’ll have to use your available waldos (think of them as chemical conveyor belts) to produce the required chemical for that level.

Creating this required chemical is where the puzzle mechanics take hold in SpaceChem with you taking the chemical provided to you in the input quadrants and moving it to the output.


This process involves things such as splitting atoms, combining them and more. Your key limitation though is that atoms cannot touch otherwise they’ll shut down your machine completely and have to re-attempt from the beginning.

This requirement means you’ll have to look beyond atom combinations and also consider the path of your waldos to avoid collisions and time their movements. To put even more pressure on you at the completion of each level you’ll see a comparison of your performance against others to see how you compare against other chemical engineers.


  • Use your chemical knowledge to advance through puzzling levels.
  • Compare yourself to other chemical engineers and see how you stack up.
  • Unique puzzle gameplay with multiple solutions.
  • Simple to learn but hard to master all your options.
  • Play on PC and Android.



Review Platform: PC

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