• 3 game lengths – Level system
  • Basic UI – GPS issues

Offering up spooky location gameplay is SpecTrek a game that follows your hunt for ghosts in your immediate area. Perfect to use as a fitness app or to get some fund outside the game is exclusive to Android. A free light version is available along with a paid full version.


SpecTrek options are straight forward allowing you to play 3 different types of games that range from the 15 short game to the 2 hour long game. After selecting your desired game length you’ll be able to set the game arena. This arena will draw a circle around your current location but can alternatively be set elsewhere in the if you want to move all the boundaries into public areas.

With the game area set you’ll enter the game mode that is split between a game map and the capture screen. While holding your phone downwards you’ll be in the map mode which shows your current location and the location of potential ghosts on the map.


These locations can either be actual ghosts or small presents. Once the player is within range of the ghost (starting at 50m) you’ll be able to point your camera at it and capture it. SpecTrek offers a large host of stat tracking details togo with this gameplay from number of ghosts caught to average speed, calories burned and distanced travelled which are available on a per game or overall basis.

Each game also makes future games easier with an experience and level up system which you can advance by finding presents and catching ghosts. Each level you’ll gain 5 skill points which can be used to increase stats such as spot range, ghost catch range, present catch range and item find chance.


  • Capture ghosts in your area.
  • Gain experience and level up your skills for easier catches.
  • Look through your phones camera to see the ghosts.
  • Location based gameplay with multiple game lengths.
  • Available on Android as light and full versions.



Review Platform: Android

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