• Unique fossil reviving mechanic that utilises the Nintendo DS hardware to create an interactive adventure
  • Science fiction theme of planets, alien technology and a planet eating enemy offers a fantastic unique setting
  • Battle system is dull compared to other mechanics that results in combat feeling repetitive quickly

Spectrobes is a science fiction themed Pokemon style adventure that has you reviving fossils and using the creatures you create in battle against other fossil born creatures. Serving as the first adventure on the Nintendo DS in the franchise of monster revive and battle gameplay the series was later expanded with a sequel on the Nintendo Wii.


During this original Spectrobes adventure players take control of Rallen who is part of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol which are tasked with protecting planets from danger across the galaxy. Rallen is a highly skilled pilot the in patrol and his eager to prove himself while having the unique ability to be the only person capable of controlling the Prizmod, a device that is capable of communicating with the Spectrobes.

The story follows Rallen after he and his patrol partner Jeena respond to a distress signal on an outer planet of the known system. There they find a single survivor by the name of Aldous, an old man who has been in stasis for more than a decade in cryogenic sleep. He then alerts the team to the presence of an evil race of Krawl who are attempting to eat and destroy all the planets in the galaxy with their horde army. With this information at hand players fight the Krawl across the seven planets under Nanairo control and in time call upon ancient spaceship technology to end the Krawl invasion through a final showdown with their leader.


In order to prevent the Krawl from destroying everything Rallen and Jeena harness the power of the prehistoric creatures known as Spectrobes who possess incredible power. In order to release this power though Rallen and Jeena have to dig them up from the planet surface and bring them back to life for fighting. In total you’ll have 69 different Spectrobes that range from child, adult and evolved forms tat increase their health, attack and defence attributes. Each of these fossil warriors belong to either the Corona, Aurora or Flash type that creates a familiar circle of strengths and weaknesses where your attacks are effective based on type advantage.

Obtaining each of these Spectrobes the Nintendo DS hardware is used to full potential for the fossil revival process. Once a fossil is located and after scanning an appropriate fossil you’ll have to dig away at it with the touch screen, blow away the excess dust with the microphone and then in the final revival stage use the power of your voice to complete the resurrection. Should players fail these stages or damage the fossil you’ll lose the opportunity to acquire that Spectrobe with your actions also graded to derive the Spectrobe’s level.


While players start with basic tools they can be upgraded over the course of the game to the advanced Sonic and Blast Tool that increase your ability to extract fossils safely and reach higher power levels. Further boosts to your fighters can be performed through minerals that are located on the surface of planets with different colours and shapes having different effects and potency.


  • Plenty of activities and exploration.
  • Huge amount of Spectrobes to revive.
  • Interesting fossil finding and revival mechanics.
  • Simple but enjoyable storyline, perfect for the target audience.
  • Great science fiction orientated theme.



Review Platform: DS

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