Spice Bandits

  • Huge amount of levels and upgrade – Subtle but great humour – Hard difficulty
  • Will be frustrating for less experienced tower defenders – Some grinding required

Spice Bandits is an impressive tower defence experience for your iOS device where you’ll have to protect the bandits as they mine all of the Earth’s minerals. In the game you’ll be treated to strong visuals, plenty of upgrades and even online multiplayer.


Spice Bandits relies on a hexagonal grid for each level  which gives the player complete control to create their own path for the enemy to take from their spawn point to your base. While this isn’t too important in the early levels the game quickly requires you to think strategically in both tower selection and placement on the field to create the longest path where you can concentrate the most fire power.

In terms of the remaining game mechanics Spice Bandits sticks pretty closely to the much loved tower defence formula with a variety of towers that each have their own strength in certain situations, upgrade levels to enhance their base stats and a mixture of enemy types. Map design is also quite impressive with each map having just enough strategy to it while keeping each individual map down to a few minutes for completion (thanks to the 4x speed option).

For your efforts on each encounter you’l learn both experience and spice which are key to upgrading towers and unlocking passive bonuses. Every tower in Spice Bandits must be unlocked with spice and while there are only 6 base towers available each has two branches of upgrades to acquire for a total of 54 different tower upgrades.


Experience on the other hand will level up your personal spice bandit which will let you invest upgrade points into one of the 24 passive skills to help define your playstyle. These passives include increased tower damage, increased fire rate, reduced tower cost and many more. The best part about this system though is that players are never locked into their decisions and can reallocate these upgrade points as often as they like.

The sheer amount of upgrades will keep your busy in Spice Bandits for hours to come and the fact that each level has as many as 6 different game modes to try and beat you won’t be running out of level variety any time soon either. For players that still aren’t satisfied you’ll also get to play with friends and customise your spice bandit (although at the cost of your precious spice). You can’t ask for much more from a free to play experience which is why Spice Bandits is simply a must install game.


  • Protect the spice bandits and help them steal minerals from Earth.
  • Upgrade your towers with 54 different upgrades.
  • Use 24 passive abilities and re-allocate points whenever you want.
  • Customise your spice bandit with all sorts of clothing and accessories.
  • Free to play tower defence for iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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