Star Wars: Empire at War

  • Simple strategy mechanics make it easy to get into – Star Wars theme
  • Will leave hardcore strategy fans wanting more depth

Star Wars: Empire at War puts you straight into the centre of galactic war in real time strategy fashion. Depicting the struggle of the Rebels and the Empire the game is loosely set between the events of Episode III and Episode IV in the Star Wars plot line.


Players have two campaigns to choose from; the Rebels campaign that takes them across the galaxy to stop the Empire’s advance and stop their new super weapon.

Meanwhile in the Empire focused campaign players will work closely with Darth Vader himself as he tries to crush the remaining Rebel forces, complete the Death Star construction and prevent the leaked plans getting in front of the Rebel leaders. Both campaigns are very well written and while linear offer a few side missions to add some extra life to the campaign experience.

In addition to this story driven campaign players can also take on the entire galaxy in the galactic conquest mode or battle it out in shorter battles in the skirmish mode. Regardless of which you choose to get the Star Wars strategy experience from you’ll find a good mixture of vehicle, infantry and even spacecraft battles to enjoy.

Longevity definitely comes from the galactic conquest mode where players can play as the Rebels or The Empire as they try to achieve particular objectives. From wiping your opponent from the map, protecting or destroying the Death Star or taking out the enemy factions leader.


There is a number of grand strategy elements present in this mode as you manage funds from the planets under your control and use this to improve your troops, research technology and more to get a leg up on the opposing force and the various hostile parties of pirates.

With plenty of Star Wars references and characters littered throughout the game, it’s a strategy experience that will definitely resonate with Star Wars fans more than anyone else. Star Wars fan or not though the strategy experience is worth playing with real time and grand strategy fans both catered for.


  • Star Wars themed strategy game.
  • Play as the Rebels or the Empire.
  • 3 game modes give you plenty of content to enjoy.
  • One of the great Star Wars themed games.
  • Plenty of variety in location and units.



Review Platform: PC

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