Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

  • Fantastic Star Wars theme across the available units and broader game setting
  • Great core combat gameplay that utilises the wealth the franchise has to offer with room to upgrade units to your tastes
  • Energy system limits the amount of PvE content you can enjoy each day and becomes scarce as you push higher content

Explore the galaxy and collect your favourite Star Wars characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a free to play turn based hero collector for mobile devices (iOS and Android). Collect your favourites from the franchise and team them up with generic fighters from each faction to create a strategy for both the light and dark sides of the force. Released in 2015 with continued updates since Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes sets players deep in the corner of the galaxy in a small cantina where holographic competitive battles from the Star Wars universe take place.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes uses a formula you’ve seen before in other hero collector titles but gives it a glossy Star Wars skin and ample production investment to ensure everything works as intended. While this makes it ideal for fans of the expansive franchise it also ensures a high quality mobile game that even non fans can get behind and may even transition to other Star Wars media as a result.

Starting out in a light side of tutorial of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players will learn the basics of team composition, attacking and using skills which serves as the foundation for the remainder of the game. Just like other turn based games you’ll command individual units in turn as you elect to attack opposing units or use a special ability such as healing or a multiple unit attack. The timing of this skills is of course thus critical to the strategy elements of the Star Wars title to shift battles in your favour that would not be winnable otherwise. Battles are generally split across several themed stages that end with a tougher boss battle such as commander or hero unit that has a unique mechanic.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes features over 100 units for you to craft your team with favourites like Han Solo, Ray, Yoda, Palpatine, Darth Vader and many other household names of the franchise. This is then paired with the easier to unlock characters of Royal Guards, Ewok Scouts, Snowtroopers, Jedi Consular and many types of droids to fill the ranks of your 5 unit team. Unlocking said characters uses game currency to buy data cards with heroes generally unlocked slowly as you accumulate character shards through various gameplay rewards.

Once unlocked a character can grow in level through training droids, gear you’ll find through battles and eventually even mods which can customise them to your tastes. For example players who acquire the famous light Jedi of Ahsoka Tano will find that she has a versatile fighter who not only deals damage but also can heal allies or dispelling enemies while further buffing her unique abilities through health and offensive mods to bolster her survivability and damage output.


With your team of 5 selected and optimised players will step into the core gameplay of PvE energy battles, daily PvE challenges, the PvP arena or one of the many ongoing in game events with their own respective rewards. Utilising these mechanics and the unlocking of them ensures there is no shortage of avenues for character growth and keep you playing for the long term as you push new challenges. This is enhanced further with things like guilds, events and other ongoing challenges which are slowly unlocked as further progress is made to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed.


  • Collect your favourite heroes or villains of the Star Wars franchise and build a team of 5 that utilise their unique abilities.
  • Play through a large light and dark side campaign with plenty of linkages to the other Star Wars media across the eras.
  • Over 100 units with unique skills, stats, mods and equipment to maximise their strengths and mitigate weaknesses.
  • Events, challenges and guilds to create plenty of late game content for players to set their goals.
  • Free to play Star Wars game for iOS and Android gamers.



Review Platform: iOS

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