Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Star Wars setting with two difference force paths to follow
  • Fantastic level of customisation, RPG depth and freedom to set your own path to the end
  • Age is starting to show when compared to newer games in the genre which has also resulted in crashes on modern hardware

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is an RPG developed by BioWare that was released in 2003 and takes place in the Star Wars universe. While originally released for Windows and the Xbox (backwards compatible with the 360) the game has since been ported to more modern platforms including mobile and the Nintendo Switch given it’s cult classic status and the general popularity of the Star Wars franchise.


The game has obvious appeal to fans of Star Wars with the game having plenty of lore and history across the locations you’ll visit and the story that players will follow. While KOTOR takes place several thousand years before the Star Wars film but there are still plenty of recognisable characters, factions and planets for both the hardcore or casual fan of Star Wars. Ignoring the Star Wars appeal the game is an impressive science fiction role playing experience and as a result provides a change from the heavy number of medieval fantasy games in the genre.

Set 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire secured control of the core galaxy your adventure centres around the Mandalorian Wars whereby the Mandalorian warrior society has invaded the infant Galactic Republic. While two Jedi Knights known as Revan and Malak assist in winning the war against Mandalorian they leave known space after this victory only to return leading a Sith army soon after. With Malak now known as Darth Malak they will serve as your primary antagonist alongside their fellow Sith or hired warriors.


While players had avoided being dragged into the conflict so far you’ll join the world of KOTOR as your own customised character by waking on the Endar Spire (a Republic ship) over the world of Taris that is under heavy attack from Malak’s forces. From here your story and that of the galaxy is in the player’s hands with both a light and dark side route available that presents some opportunity to play the entire game through at least twice. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic this decision will also directly change how NPCs interact with you and even your appearance as the dark side of the force consumes you (or you resist the temptation).

Starting out in KOTOR players will choose one of the three available classes (Soldier, Scout or Scoundrel) with players eventually also selecting one of the three available Jedi subclasses (Guardian, Sentinel or Consular). These choices provide players with a different experience by altering your health, attack and skill points, imparting several different skills and defining your armour and weapon proficiency which alter your combat experience heavily.


For example the soldier is a battle ready fighter that can equip armours across light, medium and heavy while using all available weapons (blaster pistol, blaster rifle, heavy weapon and melee) excluding lightsabres. This focus on battle means they lack computer skills, stealth, persuade, repair and security but are capable at awareness, injury treatment and demolitions.  This leaves plenty of combinations for players to create something that works for their preferred playstyle with further levels of customisation being the items you acquire and your combat party.

An important aspect of the game and your success is the companions that you’ll add to your party (up to 2) that come from 9 different options that have their own stats and specialties. Importantly players can choose to issue orders directly to them (great for tougher fights) or simply let them do as they please according to the AI logic. Outside of combat you’ll find they are a key source of game information or generally used by the game to introduce quests to players.


  • Experience a classic of the RPG genre set in the Star Wars universe.
  • Choose from several classes and subclasses to customise your combat experience.
  • Select your companions and command them in party based battles from 9 NPC options.
  • Choose from the light or dark path with your appearance and story plot directly linked to your choice.
  • Level up a number of force powers while acquiring new equipment to optimise your party power.



Review Platform: PC

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