Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Creates a realistic Star Wars universe and allows players to craft their own path
  • Fantastic base and advanced class choices that have plenty of flexibility and don't feel narrow
  • Visuals have quickly become outdated compared to peers in the market
  • Ongoing bugs and lack of regular new content hurts your experience

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a free to play MMORPG developed by BioWare that aims to bring the story and lore of the Star Wars franchise to the MMO realm. Designed to offer a focus on the story of your character players will craft their own adventure through their character choices and actions which can be further expanded with a paid subscription to access additional content, increase your level cap, improve your levelling speed and other benefits.


Star Wars: The Old Republic of course draws heavy inspiration from the fictional universe of Star Wars for its game setting, story and gameplay elements. The foundation of this setting is one of surprisingly relative peace with the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic somewhat leaving each other alone in the galaxy. Players will also find themselves several thousands of years before the events of the Star Wars films so you need not have a broad knowledge of Star Wars to understand the story presented although it absolutely will add an extra layer if you are a die hard Star Wars fans.

The two factions available to players to explore the science fiction world are the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire although this choice of faction has little to do with the players views and morality. Uniquely players can choose how light or dark their character is on the spectrum regardless of faction choice that allows you to play as a Sith that may have views of good that don’t necessarily align with your faction. Like any MMORPG questing and skills form the basis of your time in the online game world with large boss enemies and heroic missions also being available to players that emphasise the need for party members and co-operation and allow you to decide your light and dark pathways.


Along with this morality choice you’ll select from one of the eight core game classes with four for each faction that mimic each other. On the Galactic Republic side you’ll find the Jedi Consulars, Jedi Knights, Smugglers and Troopers while the Sith Empire has the Sith Inquisitor, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. Across these classes you’ll find that most can be played in several ways across the tank, damage or healing spectrum which can be further specialised through their advanced class advancement from two choices later in your adventure.

Jedi Consulars for example are utilise force, lightsabre and light armour to be a flexible class and mirror the Sith Inquisitor that has a similar specialisation. At the other end of the spectrum though is the Trooper and Bounty Hunter who prefer to use blaster pistols and use heavy armour to be durable allies. This choice of class (and faction) will also influence your starting planet, default species options, starship and companions that will join the player.


With your initial decisions made players will find Star Wars: The Old Republic offers an abundance of quests, exploration and combat that you’ll use to progress your hero with new skills. Similarly you’ll be able to upgrade your unique class spaceship that is utilised in the space combat missions and also serves as your operational base as you travel across the planets.

While many of the missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic are designed with co-operative gameplay in mind you don’t need friends in the Star Wars universe to be successful with many companions able to join players and fill in gaps in your team composition. This is further supported by the skilling system that allows you to spec for a variety of situations and the reactive story that opens and closes quest lines and companions based on your character’s decisions which helps to give you a place in this busy futuristic sci-fi world.


  • One of the few science fiction themed MMORPGs with a massive amount of Star Wars lore.
  • Free to play core content with additional content and progression boosts to paying players.
  • Designed equally for solo and party players with companions and flexible classes to ensure you can tackle most content alone.
  • Choose from two factions and eight different game classes to adventure across the familiar and new Star Wars planets.
  • A story focused MMO that changes the world around you based on your characters path through the game.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. my dad useto play dis game and he loved it so ill give it a try and see if it is da best game eva

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