• Open source design allows you to be both a player and a contributor to the world
  • Simple but enjoyable core gameplay with plenty of MMO features
  • Small community of players and contributors makes for slower development than most main stream MMO games

Stendhal is a free to play open source project that seeks to build a vast world of quests, PvE and PvP content similar to other online popular adventures. With many methods to contribute to the game or simply enjoy what the creation community is designing as solely a player Stendhal has a depth of development history that has turned it into the expansive world it has in the present day. While there are still many elements left on the roadmap to complete it is already a functional and enjoyable MMO with all the core elements in a stable state. Stendhal still experiences regular community supported updates across its code, graphics, sounds, quests, items, maps and creatures.


Designed to capture the old school feel of massively multiplayer online games like past (like the original RuneScape experience) Stendhal drops players into the large vibrant world and allows you to set your own goals. While exploring the many cities, mountains, dungeons and forests you’ll interact with NPCs and other players as you fight monsters, take on quests and generally rise up in power level within the fantasy world.

On the surface it’s easy to dismiss Stendhal as an overly simple game at first glance but there is plenty of enjoyable depth for fans of MMORPGs to experience once you advance beyond the typical slow MMO early game tutorial. This begins with players creating and customising the look of your character for the upcoming adventure before players are pushed into the wider MMO game world. From here you’ll start your adventure from humble rat hunting beginnings before your purchase your own sheep, feed it some nearby berries and sell it on for profit.


Moving on from here players are encouraged to explore the nearby Semos City where you’ll find your first NPCs and associated quests. From this you’ll also obtain your key early equipment to help you explore the broader area that Stendhal has to offer which is known as the island of Faiumoni. Like many MMO titles there is a conflict at play in these lands though with the Deniran empire and Blordrough’s dark legion controlling different sides of the island (broadly north and south).

In between the desert, sea and mountainous regions there are a host of city locations that are also the primary areas of focus for the conflict. Locations such as the coastal city of Ados, holiday island of Athor, the prosperous Deniran capital, a river city of Fado, ancient elvish city of Nalwor and everything in between offers a wealth of variety for players to explore. Many of these also have hidden dungeons where the most powerful monsters live and in turn a potential source of player profits.


Other possibilities for adventure in Stendhal can feel endless with many quests to complete and a huger number of items to find across armour, weapons, food, potions and material resources. All of these are important as you encounter an ever increasing list of creatures which are a blend of familiar fantasy races (dwarves, elves, orcs and gnomes) alongside fantasy monsters like dragons. Beyond PvE Stendhal also offers PvP, trading and other activities designed to give players continuous progression objectives. This includes the likes of a karma system that affects your luck in some game areas and raids where large numbers of creatures (and a few extremely powerful ones) will attempt to attack and over run a town.

Stendhal is simplicity at its best with a MMO game that’s easy to get into but offers hours upon hours of gameplay and unique as once you are done playing you can shift your focus to creating new content for others.


  • Free open source MMORPG that allows you to play and develop the experience.
  • Simple to pick up with plenty of fun and depth to its gameplay across PvE, PvP and other core MMO mechanics.
  • Huge list of quests spread throughout the island as two factions fight for control from the north and south.
  • Improve your character level and equipment to reach new content and complete achievements.
  • Trading, PvP, marriage and karma mechanics also included to provide a broad base of MMO experiences.



Review Platform: PC

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