Stick War: Legacy

  • Ability to control your units provides an active element to gameplay
  • Solid strategy fundamentals that gives you tools to alter your strategy as you see fit
  • Excessive video ads between levels that hurt your game flow
  • Short campaign experience that is beatable in only a few game sessions

Bringing the popular web game into the mobile environment Stick War: Legacy is a side scrolling strategy game that requires you to manage your resources and summon powerful units to conquer the statue of your enemy. Now expanded beyond the original Stick War flash game franchise the iOS and Android game versions throw players a wealth of content variety that each brings their own challenge around the simple core mechanics.


Offering many methods to explore this content the mobile game Stick War: Legacy includes both a campaign and tournament mode with leader boards for the 3 difficulty levels (normal, hard and insane) that encourage players to push their strategy higher. You’ve also got achievements to unlock and an extensive in game guide to help you understand the strengths and abilities of each units so that you can mix and match an appropriate strategy.

Stick War: Legacy is set within the world of Inamorta which is filled with a number of unique nations that are devoted to their own technology (weapons) and seek to preach it to their neighbours through the art of war. This includes the Archidones who use the bow, Swordwrath who master the sword, Magikill who possess magic and Speartons who thrust their spear into their enemies. Not only are the main weapons that each nation uses varied but also the visual designs so that players do feel like they are fighting a different nation across the campaign.


Your role in this world is to lead your own nation (Order) in a pre-emptive strike against the individual nations, acquiring their technology along the way and making the world safe for your own nation in campaign mode. Once successful players will absorb the technology into their own strategy which gives you new tools for the next nation to create a steady progression curve.

Just like the stick people graphics the gameplay of Stick War: Legacy is easy to grasp with players having their own statue on the left hand side of the screen with the opposing force on the right, with both nations attempting to bring down the statue of the enemy to achieve victory. This creates a classic tug of war strategy as you push towards the enemy statue and are pushed back that creates a fantastic back and forth.


Your ability to reach this victory objective centres around calling in units onto the battlefield for the cost of gold that changes based on the unit. With your miner unit as the foundation of your economy to generate extra gold from the stockpiles near your tower you’ll be able to raise an army of swordsmen, archers and other captured technology to push down the enemy tower. Each unit has their own gold cost, recruit time and power so balancing all of this is important to not be overrun.

In addition to the grand strategy of the core game players can control individual units to help on the battlefield and give active orientated players something extra to do during play time. Players can also customise their strategy outside combat with passive upgrades on gold generation or individual unit attack and defence to give players a great sense of agency over their stick figure army.


  • Command your stick force for the nation of Order as you acquire gold to summon different units.
  • Take the technologies of your neighbours and integrate them into your own strategy.
  • Upgrade your units to fit into your grand plans outside of each battlefield.
  • Take control of individual units with their own attacks that provide an active element to gameplay.
  • Play through 3 campaign difficulty levels and a tournament mode which provide diverse content challenges.



Review Platform: iOS

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