• Several class options – Pets and item options
  • Graphically weak – Lacks differentiating features

Stormthrone joins the host of other browser based MMORPG experiences, set in the World of Aeos you’ll choose from one of six classes as you unite the people to battle the forces of darkness.


Your setting in Stormthrone is a typical one as players find themselves stuck in a dark game world that was once thriving with live but now finds itself on a knife’s edge. Stepping into one of the 6 character roles you’ll join others in the fight while also experiencing your own heroic story.

Each class brings unique skills and gameplay to Stormthrone but fall well within the typical archetypes for a MMO. You’ve got the ranged classes to dish out ranged damage and support (priest, hunter and mage) while also having melee fighters that prefer to get up close and personal to targets (paladin, warrior and rogue).

Every level you grow your selected hero you’ll be able to choose one of the many skills available which can alter the path your hero takes. Outside of skill choices players will also find a healthy dose of equipment customisation which is where the true strength of your hero really comes into its own. This is mostly driven by the blacksmithing skill which allows items to be dismantled and crafted into usable weapons or armour depending on your needs.

Pets are also quite central to your strength with an impressive collection of options for players to take advantage of for additional boosts to combat stats. Pets will also level independently, gain loyalty bonuses the more that they are used and provide an additional attack or buff to use in combat.

While the elements of the game surrounding combat (gear, skills and pets) are quite detailed combat itself in Stormthrone isn’t anything spectacular, although it is comparable to other browser based MMOs. Taking place in real time combat revolves around carefully selecting the right skill for the situation with little room for much else.


Alternatively players can even use the automated combat feature of the game and bypass it entirely (not available in PvP). Combined with the other various auto quest and walking capabilities of Stormthrone it’s possible to almost have no influence over the game whatsoever.

In a game bubble where the only options are other browser based MMO titles Stormthrone compares quite favourably with the available classes, pets and item system.


  • Protect the World of Aeos within your browser.
  • Choose from the six available classes (priest, hunter, mage, warrior, paladin and rogue).
  • Break down unwanted items and give them new life as powerful equipment.
  • Choose your pet and watch them level with you for loyalty bonuses.
  • Automated features allow you to reach end game content sooner and reduce down time.



Review Platform: Browser

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