Style Me Girl

  • Plenty of fashions to explore – Huge on content
  • Best fashions take a while to unlock without payment

Style Me Girl is a fashion based game that is available on your smart phone (iOS). The game is free to play and doesn’t require a constant internet connection although you will need internet access if you choose to make an in app purchase for additional currency.


Style Me Girl has proven to be a hit among the fashion minded (in particular young and teenage girls). The game was one of the first of its kind released in early 2012 and the company behind the game (Frenzoo) has since recreated the experience with a more teenage focused game titled Teen Vogue Me Girl.

In Style Me Girl players take control of an upcoming stylist who is put in charge of creating new looks for models. You have a large collection of styles to choose from when dressing up your model from dark gothic to the prom like glam styles. Style Me Girl also receives regular content updates that introduce new fashions into the game which are generally based on recent fashion shows and upcoming styles.

As you progress through the game you’ll slowly unlock additional content. This is paired with the ability to play games for coins which are used to unlock and purchase even more items.


Once you’ve decked out your model with your chosen fashion style and loaded them up with the necessary accessories it’s time to create your own photo shoot with successful shoots raising you from simple and upcoming stylist to one of the top stylists in all of New York City.

The experience on offer from Style Me Girl is well polished and mixes plenty of activities into the game so that there is something for everyone and you won’t find yourself getting bored too quickly. From the shopping process that has thousands of possibilities to the variety of poses to create the ultimate photo shoot using one of countless fashion styles and genres you’ll love the experience.


  • Available on iOS.
  • Large amount of free content, no need to ever make a purchase.
  • Lots of different fashion styles to use.
  • Plenty of accessories to create the perfect photo shoot.
  • Go from up and coming stylist to the top stylist in NYC.



Review Platform: iOS

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