Summoners War

  • Constant updates and events over years that have ensured a solid amount of content and audience
  • Blend of PvE and PvP content ensures all players can find a challenge and long term goal for them
  • Needs plenty of patience if you don't want to fork out cash for both PvE and PvP
  • Overwhelming number of mechanics for new players which in game tutorials haven't kept up with

Summoners War is an exceedingly popular mobile turn based RPG released for iOS and Android in mid 2014 with continued updates to expand on the game content and events. Having received tens of millions of downloads and in turn having millions of active players it is by far on the of the largest in its niche genre of monster gacha and strategy.


Commanding a summoner is your primary job in the Summoners War universe and requires players to summon monsters onto the field of battle while making your way through the campaign and in time stepping into the PvP environment. Summoning a monster is your primary method of growing your monster collection which is based around scrolls acquired in game and occasionally some of the core game buildings like the temple of wishes. In addition to these game events and rewards also provide a consistent secondary source to grow the monster collection.

Not all monsters are created equal though with monsters power ranging from between 1 to 6 stars along with having a distinct role in the team such as support, HP (tank) or attack. This role correlates closely to their specific HP, attack, defence and speed statistics while also being reflected in their skills and advanced awakened bonus. Seara for example is a female attack focused hero that can boost the attack speed of allies and has a devastating Fate of Destruction attack that combines continuous damage and a large bomb effect.


Said monsters belong to 5 typical elements being light, dark, water, fire and wind which have advantages and disadvantages against each other. Not only does this influence their visual design and potential source but also ensures that players need to consider the elements of their entire team as a heavy focus on a single element will leave players exposed.

The final key piece and one of the real sources of customisation to these summoned heroes in Summoners War is provided through a run system. With a healthy amount of strategic choice this mechanic allows players to link up to 6 runes to each of their heroes with certain sets providing additional bonuses. Rune stats alter the core statistics of summons with options such as HP, attack power, critical rate, attack speed, accuracy, defence, resistance that allow you to push your monster archetypes further down a particular path or turn them into an all rounder hero.


With these customised summoned monsters players will slowly build up their town with several key buildings that provide you access to game mechanics and provide a secondary progression layer for players. From this base of operations the PvE gameplay will send players out to the battle map where you’ll progress from the Garen Forest to mountains, volcanos, castles and other places that are infested with dark monsters. Growing increasingly difficult players will select a team of monsters to face against several waves of enemies where your monsters will automatically attack and use their skills to overcome them. As a result it’s your team composition and planning that will primarily determine your success. In time you’ll be further challenges by dungeons, the arena, trial of ascension and the isle of conquest that introduce alternative mechanics to the core formula.


  • Summon a large range of monsters as you seek out the perfect strategy blend of heroes.
  • Customise your favourites monsters with rune setups that alter their core stats.
  • Engage in PvP and PvE turn based battles with increasing challenges and rewards across both game modes.
  • Develop your base, tweak your summoned monster party and participate in events to grow your power.
  • Available on iOS and Android for free.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. My Summoners War account disappeared today. Not sure if it was to do with the hive or what but I cannot get into my old account. Can you help me?

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