Sunless Sea

  • Quirky setting with mysterious events – Great narration
  • Slow pacing – Combat lacks significant depth

Sunless Sea explores a dark world within the same universe as Fallen London where you’ll control a ship and its crew in an effort to achieve your selected characters ambition.


For those unfamiliar with the Gothic Victorian inspired setting of Fallen London it revolves around the city of London being sunk into the ground where players explore this underground sea filled with monsters and other terrors. It’s very much a Lovecraft inspired game world that is mysterious, terrifying and everything in between.

The start of each Sunless Sea adventure begins with the creation of your captain which requires a background and ambition to be selected. Your background will impact your starting stats will ambition changes your win condition. These win conditions can require players to amass large troves of wealth, find where your father died, become the greatest explorer and more. Players can also recruit officers to command their ship alongside them, bringing their own effects to your ship.

Altering the combination of these combined with the randomised elements of the game world and rougelike death mechanics ensures Sunless Sea can be replayed multiple times. Uniquely upon death players can choose a new captain that has a relationship to their deceased captain and pass on 50% of a particular stat to them.


While Sunless Sea includes ship based combat, exploration and randomised story components the core gameplay revolves heavily around managing your resources of supplies, terror and fuel to ensure you can optimally traverse the deadly waters and capitalise on opportunities that present themselves. Sunless Seas leans more on it’s exploration, discovery and writing for player enjoyment more so than it’s combat.

The dark underground world is your oyster in Sunless Sea as you explore the semi-randomised waters to fulfil your chosen ambition.


  • Explore the dark sea world filled with monsters and strange events.
  • Manage fuel, terror and supplies across your campaign.
  • Change your win condition based on your ambition.
  • Pass on some of your stats to your next captain.
  • Recruit unique officers and upgrade your ship.



Review Platform: PC

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