Talisman Online

  • Higher number of quests – Small file size to access – Good interface
  • Smallish world – Doesn't do anything special

Talisman Online takes place in ancient times and features the standard struggle between good and evil. The game has been around since 2007 and has attracted a large audience due to its free price tag and World of Warcraft similarities.


The game was one of the early adopters of World of Warcraft features so the core gameplay is very reminiscent of Blizzard’s MMO giant.. One feature that really sets the game apart though is its equipment upgrade system that keeps you well equipped with level appropriate gear.

Items are upgraded with energy points which are awarded for kills and completing quests. Since these points are handed out quite frequently players can easily spend them freely on upgrading every piece of gear to its max potential. Navigation and the user interface (UI) of Talisman online is particularly impressive with the game handling screen icons, quest information and the necessary toolbars much better than most MMO games.

You’ll be offered the choice of 5 simple classes in Talisman Online which are mostly gender locked into specific roles. Players can choose to tackle the game as a wizard, monk, assassin, fairy or tamer which follow standard game archetypes of what you would have experienced in similar MMO games pretty closely.


Talisman Online will have you splitting your time fairly evenly between the PvE and PvP action. PvE goes beyond questing and grinding to include a uniquedefence mode where groups of 5 players team up to fight off waves of enemies which ends with a boss battle. On the other hand PvP offers all the standard duelling based options. It also even includes a guild war system that lets player guilds battle against each other in arena battles to increase their guild rank.

Talisman Online isn’t the best MMORPG around but it strikes a fine balance between WoW inspired gameplay and its own touches to be worth a try.


  • Very World of Warcraft inspired experience.
  • Great UI that won’t clutter your experience.
  • Good mix of PvE and PvP options.
  • Impressive gear upgrade system.
  • Popular MMO since 2007.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This game is broken. Don’t play it. The GMs are worse than useless. Botters are everywhere. Scammers regularly try to take your stuff. You cannot earn high gear without spending thousands of dollars. The game is overrun by foreign players who refused to speak English on the world chat and then kill your character because you don’t understand Portugese.

  2. Matthew where the hell you playing?some foreigh private server?try the original servers.Oh and the gms are cool.Please people don’t coment before you play the game.Nick in game SuperBg I stopped this game like 2 years ago couse the university.

  3. I was playing on the original servers. Had characters on all of them, before they started merging because everyone was leaving. Even had characters on the old Treasures servers. I know what I am talking about here. I still go on once in a while to see if anything has changed, but it’s gotten even worse. They introduced a new ring system that has made all the gold in the game disappear, which made auction prices plummet. Seriously people, this game is being managed by people who don’t understand a free market system and they are completely screwing it up.

  4. played this game like a decade ago, of course it was the original server. it was a friendly competitive highly grinding and require teamwork to clear game. it was fun until some years after that many players left due since their reports/complaints to GM went unheard. so now i believe it’s full of botters/hackers. So thanks for such a decent gameplay mmorpg back when it started, but i won’t return unless i know i have really dedicated ingame team/guild.


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