Tap Tap Trillionaire

  • Fun trading mechanic – Collect over 50 traders
  • Some slow performance – Small UI isn't ideal on small devices

Tap Tap Trillionaire combines the likes of day trading and tap based games into a single mobile adventure.


if you’ve ever thought you’d make a great day trader then Tap Tap Trillionaire will give you the opportunity to test your abilities and hopefully not end up broke. Greeted by the great Warren Buffet himself players are quickly introduced to the basic mechanics of the game and how to generate coins for trading.

In this regard Tap Tap Trillionaire is similar to other clicking titles where tapping the screen will generate a single coin, by tapping fast or upgrading your own character you’ll be able to generate sufficient coins to get started in the trading portion of the game where more of the automation takes over.

This starts by hiring your very first trader who not only earns you some passive coins but will approach you with trading ideas which you can accept or reject. Each trader comes with a star rating from 1 to 5, their own skill and stats (success rate and income generation). With over 50 such traders to collect part of the experience is trying to collect them all and put them to work for you.

The real game profit in Tap Tap Trillionaire lies in the personal trading with players able to buy shares, collectables and bonds. By purchasing at the right price point and selling when your purchase reaches a high you’ll quickly pocket a large amount of coin. By carefully watching the trend graph players can uncover the lowest and highest range and learn the appropriate times to buy and sell.


An idle tapping game wouldn’t complete without things to strive for and Tap Tap Trillionaire does this through office equipment and customisation of your trader which can provide more boosts. With costs in the trillions for some of these items though you’ll be making hundreds of trades before reaching this point.

The addition of trading makes Tap Tap Trillionaire a nice clicking title to pass the time, even if the ranges are easy to discover with some careful attention. The collectable trader system is also a great inclusion and encourages you to keep coming back.


  • Tap and trade your way to riches.
  • Collect and hire traders with their own skills.
  • Spend your money to customise your space and character.
  • Countless upgrades and items to keep you seeking profits.
  • For iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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