Tap Titans

  • Recruit and level up your heroes – Multiple active skills
  • Progression curve doesn't feel very fluid

Clicker games are all the rage on mobile devices at the moment. They are super addicting and offer simple gameplay that lets you escape the world for bite sized pieces of gameplay.


Tap Titans is one of the newest games in this genre and aims to combine some light RPG features into the mixture to keep you upgrading your hero and your party in a never ending cycle that the genre is known for.

Starting out with a simple and weak hero players will fight off waves of enemies and defeat powerful bosses to advance through a variety of environments and enemy types to more taptastic gameplay. Tapping on your device will instruct your hero to take a single swing of his sword which can be upgraded to deliver more deadly blows with the gold you’ll collect from slain enemies.

Tap Titans offers another path for players to take though through the hero system that lets you recruit heroes to your party to do the fighting for you. With these heroes having a great range of passive skills and the fact that they will farm for you while you aren’t playing makes this a particularly attractive way to get far into the game without tapping too extensively.

These hero skills unlock at certain level milestones (purchased with gold) and can boost the individual heroes damage, improve the amount of gold that drops, increase your tap damage and much more. For those that like to be strategic in their approach to clicker games this system works perfectly as you decide where to spend your hard earned gold. With a range of your own special skills also vying for this limited gold pool there is lots of choices in Tap Titans.


For the truly dedicated Titan tapper you’ll also have artifacts that unlock at level 80 which work on a prestige style system that sends you back to the start of the game except with a shiny new powerful relic.

Tap Titans is a great addition to the tap based genre with more depth and choice than most, if you’re hooked on this sort of game that is.


  • Tapping gameplay combined with simple RPG elements.
  • Upgrade your hero and your hired allies to improve damage.
  • Party continues to play and generate gold when you close the app.
  • Prestige like mode unlocks artifacts and keeps you playing endlessly.
  • Countless hero skills that provide their own benefits.



Review Platform: iOS

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