• Super fast paced tap focused gameplay across many different locations
  • New mechanics each level that build on the available food and drinks to serve customers
  • No use for money earned form levels as its used solely as a level objective
  • All purchases require real money that put a cap on free to play players in terms of equipment and foods

Breaking down the cooking experience to simple taps of the finger is Tap-to-Cook a mobile game that sees you serving food to customers outside some of the worlds famous locations. From San Francisco to Dallas and even the White House players will be challenges on iOS and Android devices to serve food quickly to customers of their customised fast food truck. With each location having multiple days of challenges before the next its a steady sense of progression and hundreds of potential cooking taps at each location.


Tap-to-Cook throws players right behind the grill as they learn the basics of cooking burgers for the passing customers and eventually expand into other fried foods and sweet drinks. Not shy on offering up a healthy amount of customers either Tap-to-Cook definitely opts for the baptism by fire approach as players will rapidly have to serve guests across dozens of game levels.

As a result this setup is ideal for intermediate and veterans of the genre that don’t need to have their hand held and love the faster approach that isn’t shy on challenging your food cooking time within the first few levels. As mentioned above gameplay mechanics are tap based and using the burger as an example requires players to place the meat on the grill, place it on a bun once cooked and serve it to the customer.


As you go past the first level other elements are added to the burger such as the basic tomato sauce and offering drinks or other side dishes to go with their burger of choice. Just like similar cooking games speed and accuracy is important as its rewarded with larger tips of cash and puts the pressure on players as time ticks down.

Unlike other games in the cooking management genre where this cash from levels may have been spent on equipment upgrades it’s instead reserved for level objectives where players will have a set target to reach within a particular time limit. Unfortunately this leaves the bulk of upgrades that you can purchase (new equipment, super foods and boosts) to the premium currency of gold bars if you intend on expanding to new foods, mechanics or convenience items.


With this in mind Tap-to-Cook is thus best played solely for the game experience as a casual past time with the levels still being enjoyable although free players will find their potential gameplay experience capped.


  • Tap based gameplay to as you deliver food to a steady stream of customers from your street food truck.
  • Serve burgers and other recipes in front of famous locations across major cities.
  • Super fast paced gameplay with tap focused objectives that requires players to follow orders and manage time.
  • Upgrade equipment and purchase super foods with your accumulated gold bars.
  • Free to play experience for iOS and Android devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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