Team Fortress 2

  • Multiple classes that each have their own clear roles to fill
  • Item drops and crafting which allow players to develop their own unique hero variations
  • Community gravitates to a small handful of maps leaving the full variety unrealised
  • Item mechanics have encouraged bots to fill up servers

Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 released class based shooter that is now available to play for free. Despite its age Team Fortress 2 continues to command a large community of active players across game modes that ensures you always have a match available and new items to collect for your preferred class option. Supported further with cosmetic options, the Steam workshop and an abundance of game statistics Team Fortress 2 is a title that is well above the expectations for a 2007 released video game.


Designed with a casual underlying story each map centres around the opposing teams of RED (Reliable Excavation Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United) who are fighting each other for the specific game mode objective. Visually and throughout Team Fortress 2 gameplay players will find this light hearted game design which stands out in the genre in comparison to other high fantasy class shooters or realistic war based shooter titles on the market.

Co-operative and team play is at the heart of Team Fortress 2 with the game balanced across teams mix and matching the nine available classes to achieve the map objective. These classes are designed to each have their own strengths and weaknesses which results in some powerful pairings on a team along with some light counters that the opposing team can utilise. Broadly these classes are split across offensive, defensive and support options that provide players a sense of their intended playstyle. While your choice of class does impact your health points, movement speed and hitbox size it’s primarily the different loadout kits that change how each class is played in Team Fortress 2.


Classes include the scout that serves as a fast objective focused character, the soldier that delivers consistent damage with a rocket launcher that also enables them to reach heights with rocket jump, the pyro who is a master of flame to burn groups of enemies in narrow passageways, the demoman who can set explosive traps, the heavy who is a durable fighter with a heavy machine gun, the engineer that builds turret structures, the medic that heals allies, the sniper who has the longest range weapons in the game and the spy that can change their appearance to that of your ally.

While some game modes and their underlying maps are more suited to particular classes for the most part each has a role to play in Team Fortress 2. These game modes include arena, capture the flag, control point, king of the hill and payload which provide different mixtures of focusing on fighting other players or securing objectives. With victory comes not only a greater level of skill but also the potential to unlock alternative items for your class loadouts that alter your strengths and weaknesses of that class slightly.


Given each class has a primary, secondary and melee the potential options provide an attractive blend of simple and diverse as players pick from different ammo, damage and utility across equipment choices. For example a heavy may opt to swap their standard minigun to Natascha a minigun version that deal less damage but has a chance to slow targets when hit while a scout may swap their standard primary weapon to a lower ammo capacity high damage version known as the Force-A-Nature. In addition to finding items through drops players can also craft items by breaking down duplicate items or trade them directly with other players creating an unexpected MMO feel in what is a team based shooter.


  • A free to play FPS focused on team based combat with a light hearted side.
  • 9 very different classes to control and swap between as you please which range from offensive, defensive and support archetypes.
  • No shortage of game modes and maps to play with each mixing objective focuses.
  • Find, craft and trade items to unlock new loadout options for your favourite classes.
  • Huge community which continues to live on well after a decade of original game release.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Biggest mistake ever is saying it has a low skill ceiling…
    This game might look cartoonishly but when you play it, hear it, and get *DOMINATION, loook it up!* you find out that people with THOUSANDS of hours have not mastered the game

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