Templar Battleforce

  • Customisation and RPG features – Wonderful sci fi setting
  • Basic graphics – Designed for mobile, doesn't shine on PC

Step into the future and into the gear of a Templar with Templar Battleforce, a tactical strategy combat game with deep RPG elements for mobile and PC.


Templar Battleforce puts you in command of your very own Templar specialists as you deploy them into battles against all odds, allowing them to grow from recruits to battle hardened veterans. The key to any Templar is their Leviathan mech which is heavily customisable and the only defence against the onslaught of Xenos and rogue humans.

Templar Battleforce features a lengthy campaign of over 50 different scenarios which mixes tight corridor fights with more open areas and different win conditions to ensure you are constantly revisiting your strategy and your character line up. For extra challenge Templar Battleforce also offers the occasional boss battle which ties into the overall game lore and science fiction setting. Overall its a setting that borrows heavily from the likes of Warhammer 40k and there is nothing wrong with that as it has been done exceedingly well despite the basic graphics.

Setting aside the game orientates around the above mentioned 50 missions with a focus on the underlying RPG elements that let you heavily customise your fighter from their gear, specialities, talents and appearance. As if that wasn’t enough players can also take their battle hardened soldiers into New Game+ to test their ultimate strategy.


The joy of Templar Battleforce is developing your squad from beginning to end and watching your fighters evolve in their role, with the time you’ve invested and careful analysis each time they come close to dying is a nail biting experience.

With the vast array of missions, great RPG growth mechanics under the hood and science fiction setting the tactical experience of Templar Battleforce is enjoyable and strategic.


  • Develop your squad of Templars.
  • Heavy RPG customisation with stats, equipment and appearance.
  • Over 50 levels and dozens of different enemy types to overcome.
  • New Game Plus mode extends your experience further.
  • Available across mobile and PC.



Review Platform: Android

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