The 7th Guest

  • Puzzles – Cutscenes – Spooky atmosphere
  • Older game won't appeal to all tastes

The 7th Guest is a classic adventure game that was originally released in 1993 but was re-released in 2010 for the iOS platform. The game was developed by Trilobyte.


Maybe you remember playing the game when you were younger or maybe you are just looking for a classic point and click style puzzle solving adventure, The 7th Guest covers both. The game was well ahead of its time and used live action videos and 3D graphics not previously seen in video games before its release.

The 7th Guest takes place in the mansion of Henry Stauf, a master toymaker who had a love for puzzles. Rumour has it he was behind six mysterious deaths and now you’ve taken on the task of unfolding the mystery of this abandoned place and potentially discovering the secret of the 7th guest.

In the game you explore the mansion while solving mostly logical based puzzles which moves the story forward and unlocks videos for the players to watch to get the full story of how events in the house unfolded.


Puzzles in The 7th Guest bring good variety to the genre especially considering the age of the game with puzzles including mazes, logical deductions, chess, matching and some manipulation puzzles. You’ll also have to deal with taunts from the antagonist which helps to egg you on through the game.

The 7th Guest is a great experience that is easy to get into and very forgiving to players not accustomed to the puzzle genre. You can use the library to gain hints at any time which takes a lot of the pressure away from the player. If you can look past the age of the game and focus on what is a unique puzzle game then you’re in for a treat.


  • Unique live action cut scenes.
  • Play the game that helped make CD-ROMs popular.
  • Interesting and mysterious storyline.
  • Mixture of different puzzle styles.
  • Released in 1993 with a 2010 iOS release.



Review Platform: PC

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