The Banner Saga

  • Storytelling and decisions – Exceptional art
  • Lengthy text sequences are just a little too much

Enter the world of Vikings in The Banner Saga an experience filled with deep story and tactical role playing elements. With vital decisions falling to you players have the ability to guide the direction of their caravan as they cross a harsh and forgiving landscape.


The story in this Viking fantasy follows the adventures of your caravan as you try to survive attacks from the Dredge, a race that seeks war and despises the human race. Players will face many difficult decisions as they try to find the weakness of Bellower, the fearless and near invincible leader of the Dredge. The Banner Saga delivers a very mature adventure and forces you to take responsibility for your decisions and subsequent actions.

When you aren’t making life or death decisions involving your caravan or watching it move across the landscape you’ll engage in turn based combat with your hand picked characters that each bring unique abilities to complement each other.

There are over two dozen character options in this department that combine with 7 different classes to give you all the strategic options you need to create a fighting force. The Banner Saga does a particularly good job of creating an attraction to these characters through the story elements and permanent character death that makes each death a painful tear jerking experience.


To avoid these deaths you’ll have to rely on carefully designed strategy in the tactical combat portion of the game but also have to successfully manage your caravan across the frozen land. This ranges from population, supply and morale management with plenty of random events thrown into the mix to test your resolve.

The Banner Saga is a beautiful adventure both in visuals and design, the attachment you’ll create to your caravan through the story-telling and events is the game’s greatest asset with well-designed tactical combat just the icing on this Viking themed cake.


  • Command your caravan across a frozen landscape.
  • Battle the Dredge in turn based tactical combat.
  • Create a team of heroes that suits your playstyle.
  • Randomised events and decisions with real consequences.
  • Free multiplayer included through The Banner Saga: Factions.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Now available for PS4 and Xbox One :)


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