The Blockheads

  • Control multiple Blockheads – Needs system – Controls – Feature list
  • Purchasing Crystals is needed in later stages

The Blockheads is a free game for your iOS device that offers a 2D sandbox experience. The game takes place in a 2D block based game world and even supports multiplayer. The game is developed by Majic Jungle Software.


In The Blockheads you can explore the vast game world, dig out blocks and craft a large number of tools. Unlike other games that shine on the iPad, The Blockheads manages to offer great gameplay on the smaller iPhone with a streamlined interface and simple controls.

The Blockheads packs plenty of features into it with a weather system, caves, biome variety, randomised worlds, a needs system, plants, animals, boats and so much more. This definitely isn’t your standard Minecraft inspired clone by any means and offers gameplay that lets it stand out as its own unique game experience.

In the game your Blockhead will have a variety of needs which you must aim to satisfy. These needs can include obvious ones like hunger and sleep but also include environmental factors (weather, time, biome). This feature helps attach you to the game since you’ll think of your avatar as more of a living person rather than just the way you interact with the game world.

The most unique feature that sets it apart is the ability to control multiple characters in the game world. Once you advance your game to a certain point you’ll be able to add additional Blockheads which you can use to explore locations away from home without leaving your crops to die.


So you might be asking yourself if the game is free how do the developers expect to make money? Crafting anything in the game world takes time and while your early crafting needs will only take a couple of seconds or a minute but later advances slowly take more and more time to complete. To bypass this completion time you can purchase Crystals to complete crafting instantly. The time balance definitely isn’t unfair though and you won’t notice it till you are far into your game which is a lot better than most freemium style experiences.

Fans of Minecraft and similar games would be kidding themselves to not pick up this game, the content is well presented with plenty to do and the price tag can’t get any lower.


  • Free to play iOS building game.
  • Huge feature list especially for a free game.
  • Simple controls and interface make it playable on smaller iOS devices.
  • Control multiple Blockheads in a single game.
  • Support for multiplayer gameplay.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. I love this game so much, and though being free, it limits stuff bit, the full version ($2.99) is so worth it. Blockheads is updating a lot, from adding things to fixing glitches. Also, the creator is a pretty nice guy, in terms of listening to and weighing the popular requests. There’s also a multi player, and if you want to play by yourself, you can “Warp In” more than one Blockhead to help the first Blockhead craft, explore, build, and such. You can also make and wear clothes to prevent your Blockhead from losing health or speed, due to cold or rainy climates.

  2. how do you get on the website?

    how do you get on the website?

  3. yum

  4. I love This game, Really cheers Me up when Me and roblox Are making more Stuff for roblox. Thank you for Making this app :) i will Be forever Greatfull.

  5. I loooove this game. I absolutely love it. You don’t have to buy time crystals to get them. You can find them randomly generated in blocks throughout the world and you can also watch videos for time crystals. You can also have your blockhead craft something and leave the app to do something else and the blockhead will craft the item while you’re away. The world is huge and the updates add a ton of interesting stuff. If you’re considering downloading it I suggest you go ahead and try it. There’s a forums with really nice people who will answer your questions too.

  6. I think the way they made this was from game when super mario bros 2 came out i think the they did well with this but roblox did much more effort P.S Nice try


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