The Creeps!

  • Art style – Simple core gameplay – Door Buster game mode
  • Lots of level packs that will set you back $1 each rather than bundles

The Creeps! follows a classic tower defence style but has a very unique charm to its gameplay that has propelled it to one of the most popular in the genre on iOS devices.


Tower defence games are perfect for iOS devices and are still one of the biggest genres in the app store. With popularity comes good and bad games though and thankfully The Creeps! leans towards the good side.

Fans of the genre will quickly jump into an old rhythm and newcomers won’t have any trouble grasping the game mechanics either thanks to the slow build up in difficulty that most other puzzles games never seem to get quite right.

There is no shortage of towers, levels and enemies available in The Creeps! so you are guaranteed to have plenty of game time and strategic depth available to you.

Gameplay involves the standard path from A to B with monsters attempting to get from one to the other. In this case you’ll fight of waves of monsters (from your closet) that are attempting to reach you in your bed. The only things you have to protect yourself are items scattered around your room.

This setting creates some fun towers for players to build including glue bottles, boomerangs, flashlights and your staple tower the toy blaster. These towers slowly unlock as you advance through the game and can also be upgraded in each level if you need some extra power to deal with the pesky closet monsters.


So how does The Creeps! set itself apart from the other games in the genre? Firstly, the game introduces a number of obstructions into levels that limit your tower placement. These obstructions can be destroyed using your towers but you have to carefully manage that with taking out enemy waves which makes levels more engaging as a whole.

The second interesting gameplay twist is the Door Buster game mode where players have to destroy the door to win the level. At the start of the level though your severely limited by obstructions and must slowly move closer to the closest door to win. Both of these unique elements makes The Creeps! an outstandingly enjoyable title that differentiates itself from others in the same genre.


  • A simple but enjoyable tower defence experience.
  • Great for fans of the genre or newcomers.
  • Good mix of towers and enemies.
  • Obstructions add a new gameplay element.
  • Free for iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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