The Evil Within

  • Maintains intensity throughout with a uniquely designed world of horror
  • Light RPG features give you control over your character strengths
  • Clunky camera elements that can break your immersion
  • Some long checkpoints may cause frustration

The Evil Within (known asPyscho Break in Japan) takes the survival horror genre into a whole new gruesome level with a third person adventure requiring you to scavenge for suppliers and pick your fights carefully if you wish to have any hope to survive. Released in 2014 (with a 2017 sequel) the game challenges the main protagonist with a world of dark distortions, nightmares and mutated creatures that is explored in third person. Requiring you to overcome these enemies and even boss variants you’ll have access to both melee and ranged weapons although stealth is also an important mechanic.


The game centres on protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as he is pulled through this distorted world full of nightmarish locations and the horrid creatures that they hold. With each level holding its own challenging threats and unique collectibles each corner has the potential to find something of interest in The Evil Within.

Thankfully Sebastian has all the tools necessary for this given he is a veteran detective for the police with a breadth of investigation and stealth experiences to draw from. While investigating his most recent scene at the local Beacon Mental Hospital Sebastian, his partner and several other police officers are dragged into an alternative world. As the story unfolds you’ll experience a psychological thriller that deals primarily with the human psyche given the mental hospital at the centre of your adventure. While weapons are available to players, limited ammunition and tough enemies often encourage a stealth strategy over a combat orientated one.


As a result much of the game is spent scavenging the environments for medical items, weapons and other equipment while players begin to piece together the strange story. In addition to item upgrades players will be able improve their stats from ammo carry capacity to health, sprint time, accuracy and critical chance. The upgrades on offer in The Evil Within bring enough variety to the table that you can cater upgrades towards you’re preferred style and balanced to ensure the game still retains a challenge throughout.

These styles can range from focusing on sneak attacks from behind, using throwable objects to distract enemies or brawling with enemies directly for the truly insane player. While each of these strategies can definitely work in The Evil Within due to the games design although players will have to employ each strategy at some point in their playthrough.


While your arsenal will slowly improve during a playthrough from a simple pistol to a shotgun and even crossbow you’ll find that the enemies get more aggressive and increase in potency as well. This is combined with the scarce ammunition and horrific enemy design to keep players on their toes in all situations. Be it the stationary traps of barbed wire and bear traps the multi limb crawling creatures or The Keeper who constantly stalks players with their large hammer. Like other games in the genre careful exploration can often be rewarding though with seven unique collectable types that each provide their own addition to the story lore.


  • A gruesome adventure through a mental hospital with a range of dark creature designs.
  • Stealth based gameplay that encourages you to scavenge the environment for resources.
  • Upgrade your character to suit your playstyle with improvements to health, sprint, damage and accuracy available.
  • A psychological story that keeps your police officer protagonist guessing until the end.
  • Find a large range of collectable items with exploration that each build on the game lore.



Review Platform: PC

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