The Gold Factory

  • Great range of ASCII art
  • Slow start

The Gold Factory pays homage to the games that inspired it right on credits page. Borrowing ideas from the likes of the exceedingly popular Candy Box and A Dark Room this title takes the genre in some fun directions and well worth a playthrough.


Players start within the ASCII art world with only a factory and the cloudy skies before them. This factory is your place of employment and earns you a single gold bar for each second the game is open. Soon a new building will appear, your first shop is now available offering you the important things in life, a shovel, pizza and a trust wooden sword.

With said sword players can get their first experience of combat by squashing rats in the factory to generate some healthy amounts of gold. Combat itself is a simple affair with players character appearing on the left hand side of the screen and your opponent on the right.


Your options on this screen evolve throughout the game but start with a basic attack on a short cooldown. Later options unlock things such as health potions and special skills, although combat is little more than a content locking mechanism, requiring you to put in the hours to grinding out gold bars for the best equipment to unlock more buildings and secrets.

Fans of incremental games will love the combat addition to the game and get a real kick out of exploring the ASCII themed world which slowly expands to include more ships, dug out holes, castles and much more.


  • Use gold, iron and pizza in this incremental game.
  • Dig holes, fight ghosts and adventure to the castle.
  • Use swords, potions and skills in battle.
  • Enjoy ASCII art graphics.
  • Play for free in your browser.


Review Platform: Browser

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