The Island: Castaway 2

  • Good basic presentation that provides clear feedback to the player through the UI and game map
  • Interesting locations to uncover that are spread across the island and resolve unanswered questions from the first game
  • Lots of dialogue which can be excessive at times and offer limited story
  • Has you running constant laps around the island with the hunger mechanic quickly becoming annoying rather than challenging

The Island: Castaway 2 is the second game in a much loved adventure franchise that explores the challenges of building and maintaining a group of island villagers as you achieve all the objectives the game has to offer. With no need to play the original this improved experience is a great way to be introduced to the franchise or management genre broadly.


This addition to the The Island: Castaway franchise is actually the prequel and explores many of the aspects of the story that were hinted to in the original but either never fully explained or simply not part of the original gameplay. This gives the story much more context to those that played the original but as mentioned above is by no means a requirement to enjoy the island management adventure.

In The Island: Castaway 2 players step into the mind of Yati, an orphan who has been brought up by the village but is looking to drive his own life after a series of events occur. In order to do this players complete quests for different characters around the village which are mostly simple tasks that require you to find an item and deliver it to someone else in the village. This questing foundation does slowly progress as you advance which leads to complex variants where players will find themselves crafting various items together to produce something of a higher quality that a village member wants.


All of these quests take a broad amount of running around the island due to its size and the fact that most materials only appear on certain parts of the island which you’ll have to discover for yourself. The map of The Island: Castaway 2 does help a little in regard to questing as it marks important people on your map but doesn’t make moving around the island any faster through a fast travel system or similar.

Thankfully The Island: Castaway 2 isn’t just about running errands for villagers though with players also having to be careful while travelling around the island as a whole host of animals will stalk Yati and if you lose too much energy defending yourself players may faint and drop vital items they have collected. Yati will also have to watch his hunger levels which do drop quite rapidly while out adventuring and need to be restored. Both of these mechanics requires additional forethought and planning rather than just aimlessly running from point A to B in The Island: Castaway 2.


With all of your activities adding progress to your final goal of understanding more about the island The Island: Castaway 2 is a fun adventure for those willing to take the time to read the dialogue and don’t mind the basic questing mechanics.


  • Another addition to The Island: Castaway franchise which expands on the story of the island.
  • Complete a larger number of quests for the island inhabitants with Yati.
  • Collect items from across the island and craft advanced recipes.
  • Fight off animals to protect your inventory while managing your hunger bar.
  • An island management and story game available for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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