The King of Fighters XIV

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  • Command 3 fighters – So many combos with easy methods to practice them
  • Non existent story elements – Average 3D models

The King of Fighters XIV ditches the old 2D images and replaces them with spectacular 3D fighters (although you’ll still fight on a 2D plane). With this shift your 50 fighters and the battle backgrounds in this KOF release look better than ever before although not quite to the quality of other fighting games that have used such 3D techniques for a few generations.


Achieving the story standards of most fighting games before it you’ll find yourself amidst a new a fresh KOF tournament. Opening with the introduction of the various women and men of the franchise you won’t see much else in terms of story until the ending cutscenes, with only a handful of nonsense conversations in between.

That isn’t to say you won’t enjoy the story mode which does a great job of laying out the progression curve and letting you climb it one battle at a time. The particular satisfying part of The King of Fighters XIV is that you’ll not only be making this journey with a single fighter but 3. This also ensures that you’ll become accustomed to at least 3 of the 50 available fighters just by completing the story component which gives you a solid foundation to build on once you start exploring the other available modes.

18 of these characters are entirely new to the KOF franchise but don’t reinvent the wheel, instead filling the gap between other character archetypes. Regardless of your selection your choice in commands are equally deep with multiple ways to jump, kick, punch and fire projectiles at your opponent, most of which are combo driven, a traditional staple of KOF.


A staple that has been retired though is the Hyper Drive system although has been replaced with Max Mode from the earlier games which sees unlimited EX moves for a short period of time. This also ties into one of the three super moves each character possesses as it is only available in said mode.

Despite the growing pains of going from 2D to 3D The King of Fighters XIV is still worthy of the franchise name and packed with a level of content few other KOF or fighting games live up to.


  • Transitions the franchise from 2D to 3D.
  • 50 unique characters to command (18 new).
  • Hyper Drive is replaced with traditional Max Mode.
  • Lead a team of fighters to victory instead of just one.
  • For PlayStation 4.



Review Platform: PS4

Review Platform: PS4

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