The Last Guardian

  • Impressive gameplay and setting – Realistic Trico design
  • Some mechanical issues to work around

With action-adventure gameplay, a strong bond with a giant animal and an unnamed young boy The Last Guardian has pieces of games you’ve likely seen before but now combines them together into a single journey.


Released for the PlayStation 4 and coming from Team Ico who has an impressive history of console titles the experience is exactly what one would expect with the experienced team behind the game. You’ve got the high level of scale that Team Ico has used so well in the past, with a realistic creature named Trico who seems to capture the curiosity of a real life animal at many points.

For plot though you’ll only be controlling the unnamed young boy as you go on an interesting and high-scaling journey involving the completion of many puzzles. Initiated as an old man reliving the story of his past when he encountered a strange but friendly animal which resembles a griffin like creature after being kidnapped in strange circumstances and rescuing the creature.

Just like real life animals your relationship starts off as hostile but slowly grows as trust is built between the two characters. With this developing friendship central to your journey players face off against attacking soldiers directly or focusing on avoiding them entirely via various puzzles.

Said puzzles are completed through a third person perspective with the boy able to climb, carry items and activate switches. While Trico specialises in being able to scale large distances, transporting the player or fend off guards. Using a mixture of these options you’ll have to navigate the world together with the game resetting upon the boys capture or death from great heights.


A large part of the game also sees players managing Trico, either by directing its attention to certain areas, feeding it when hungry or destroying obstacles that prevent Trico from moving forward. Alternatively Trico can be left to roam around the general area which may lead to paths being uncovered which may lead to costume unlocks for future games.

For gamers seeking a journey no game competes with the bond at the centre of The Last Guardian. Paired with the high production values across visuals, music and general design it’s another hit for Team Ico.


  • A 2016 game from Team Ico origins.
  • Experience a journey of friendship and bonding.
  • Unique puzzles that encourage exploration of the high rise surroundings.
  • Strong visuals, music and level design to pull you in.
  • PS4 exclusive title.



Review Platform: PS4

Review Platform: PS4

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