The Last of Us

  • Narrative and atmosphere offer an interesting and deadly world full of story to explore
  • Blend of stealth and realistic combat makes your decisions feel important
  • Core gameplay loop doesn't offer much variety and is compounded by some narrow segments that could have been expanded slightly for additional choice and feeling of a full world

The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic game world where you’ll focus on stealth survival to complete the high quality story and character development within. Originally a PlayStation 3 (and later PlayStation 4) exclusive title released in 2013 the game was revived in a 2022 remake known as The Last of Us Part I for PlayStation 5 and Windows (2023). Featuring the same core gameplay and mechanics as the original this enhanced remake provides a new level of audio and visual experience.


The story of The Last of Us follows the adventures of Joel as he makes his way across post-apocalyptic America with a young girl named Ellie who grew up in the new world and knows nothing of the world before. Joel’s’ mission is to bring her to a resistance movement known as the Fireflies who hope to synthesis a cure from Ellie to the disease outbreak that has left the world devastated.

The game is set 20 years after the initial infection of this Cordyceps fungus mutation which has left much of the world in a ravaged state due to it turning humans into aggressive animal like creatures referred to as the Infected. Set two decades after the initial outbreak a somewhat stability point has been reached with quarantine zones established that provide some protection although mercenary and smuggler groups are a common sight alongside a growing uprising against the quarantine zones.


As a result the world before players is split between the government controlled quarantine areas and the broader outside world which is full of bandits, human settlements and the Infected. This is where the vast majority of your adventure takes place with players controlling Joel through a third person perspective with Ellie being controlled by the AI and following the player outside of a few late game situations where you’ll control Ellie instead.

Gameplay within the The Last of Us places a lot of emphasis on stealth as the title aims to be as realistic as possible by not giving Joel superhuman powers to take out countless enemies. Instead you’ll need to rely on a tactical, stealth and scavenging approach to gameplay that maximises the resources you acquire and minimises how many you expend when combat is necessary. To assist with this players have access to a listen mode that can help pinpoint enemy locations and display them visually on your screen to plan your route through the environment.


In terms of combat Joel can rely on both melee weapons and a number of guns that can use the limited amount of ammunition spread across the game world. When using these firearms you’ll be able to utilise a typical console game cover system that helps you to fight off multiple enemies although is no guarantee of success. Along the way players are also able to craft and upgrade their equipment with things that they manage to scavenge around the world that does provide some sense of progression to your combat capabilities.


  • Amazing atmosphere and post-apocalyptic world that has players exploring the downfall of society.
  • Focus on stealth based gameplay with a listen mode that helps you to pinpoint enemy locations visually.
  • Mixture of melee weapons and firearms as you fight against humans and the Infected.
  • Craft and upgrade your weapons to grow your arsenal of options throughout the story.
  • Originally released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 with a remake version in 2022 for the PlayStation 5.



Review Platform: PS4

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  1. The best game I had ever played

  2. Over-hyped. Boring. Great game for people who don’t have the ability to read a book or play games that don’t feel like you’re stuck on a train track. MGS set after the apocolypse

  3. Best game i’ve ever played. i rate 10/10. It has everything, the story, the gameplay, the emotions… I cried 2 times during this game. This game makes you feel like ur inside the game, its an adventure/action/drama. If you havent played this game,

  4. Best game ever made, my favorite of all time along with games like Red Dead Redemption and the mighty Shadow of the Colossus.

    I hear people saying is over hyped, it’s not. Really play the game, there is space in gaming for a story driven linear game. This and MGS franchise are masters in story driven games with great gameplay.

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