The Lost City

  • A unique setting that revolves around shifting the seasons with a forgotten ancient power that alters the game scenes
  • Interactive journal and map ensure players can focus on the core gameplay
  • Lacks replay value given the design of the puzzle and exploration will be unlikely to entertain players a second time

The Lost City brings the adventure genre to your smartphone (iOS) with a journey that draws inspiration from the early point and click adventure games of the genre and adds its own unique setting to the familiar formula. As the name suggests you’ll be exploring a lost city that your grandma always believed existed but nobody else did (including you playing as her grandchild).


With an artefact in your hand that has been passed onto you players are able to locate a city deep within the forest mist which has never been marked on any map. Hiding a strange and mysterious force that pulls you deeper into the ruins you’ll explore the legend of a civilisation long past. Within this mythical city you’ll also discover that the people who once called the city home had the unique ability to control the seasons. If you’ve ever heard unbelievable stories from your own grandma you might just feel at home in the story that revolves around the magical stories of her younger years as an archaeologist and the discoveries she made.

Discovering the secrets that have been hidden away for untold years won’t be an easy task though you’ll have to carefully collect clues and artefacts to piece together the mystery. With your trusty journal on your side you can take notes, save maps and store all the information you need as you learn more about the amazing and incredibly unique power of this ancient civilisation.


With this backdrop for your adventure in The Lost City players will move from picture scene to picture scene as you explore forest ruins, ancient wall carvings, bridges across rivers and even ice caves. Within each scene you’ll find items to interact with which hide both puzzles and clues on how to advance to the next location and continue your adventure. Puzzles are relatively straight forward with an array of drawing puzzles, jigsaws, memory and logic themes across the lost city location. As a mobile game all of this is done through touch based controls with players able to tap on the screen to move around the environment, interact with something specific on screen or return to their journal.

This journal is vital as it can be a place to record important notes so you don’t have to rely on your memory and pairs with an in game hint mechanic so players are never stuck. In addition the dynamic map helps to keep your explored areas tracked to prevent you from becoming entirely lost. Given the design of the game leans heavily on exploration of the city ruins players are expected to backtrack through these scenes with some regularity although the loading times are quick and smooth enough to prevent it from reaching annoyance level.


The final result is The Lost City being an overall fun and engaging puzzle adventure experience with a reasonable amount of casual content for the price. The game is unlikely to offer significant replay value though due to way its puzzles are designed as you’ll be able to blitz through them with memory.


  • Great puzzle experience for your mobile device inspired by the early point and click adventures.
  • Explore the lost city that your grandma always talked about where the inhabitants were able to control the seasons.
  • Solve a range of puzzles that will utilise your memory and logic to progress through the lost city ruins.
  • A dynamic map and journal keep track of key game information that allows you to focus on the gameplay.
  • Available for free on iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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