The Sandbox

  • Build your world one pixel at a time – Large number of elements
  • Early learning missions tend to drag on

The Sandbox mixes world crafting and god games allowing you to create your own pixel based game world on your iOS or Android device. As the name suggests what you do in The Sandbox is completely up to you.


The Sandbox isn’t like other games that are generally tagged with the sandbox genre though, the game means it more literally than most. The Sandbox is more of a mixture between gaming and art rather than a straight gaming experience. But this should be considered a strength and in no way a disadvantage as it truly lets your creativity come through.

The Sandbox splits its gameplay into two modes (Free Mode and Story Mode). In the Story Mode you will advance through over 100 different missions. In these missions you take control of an apprentice god as they learn the rules of creation. You’ll start with simple missions such as combining water and sand to create mud but these missions quickly increase in difficulty and have you learning how to create hundreds of different elements. Eventually you will make electricity, lava, acid, snow and much more elements that are difficult to create.

Beyond the available elements you can also introduce a number of life forms into your world including fish, dinosaurs and eventually humans.


Since you have all the powers of the gods, there is nothing out of your control and you are free to create and destroy pixels to create your ultimate sandbox game world. Maybe you want to focus on hand crafting some breathtaking forests and lakes to then share with other players online. Or maybe you simply want to create these impressive worlds so you can unleash fire and other devastating elements upon it.

You might not have ever thought that you would like to shape a world pixel by pixel but after playing The Sandbox you will wish you had discovered it sooner.


  • Mixes world crafting and god games.
  • Simple touch controls to create your pixel world.
  • Over 100 missions and elements to learn.
  • Free mode allows you to do whatever you want in a truly sandbox experience.
  • Easily show off your creations with others.



Review Platform: PC

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