The Settlers Online

  • Captures the old Settlers games – Nice visuals – Strong gameplay
  • Some downtime while waiting for buildings

The Settlers Online is a free browser based strategy game with gameplay that falls somewhere between Age of Empires and the online strategy genre.


The game manages to somehow stay true to the roots of other Settlers games while moving into a freemium browser game which is definitely no easy task considering the huge number of poor quality games in this genre. Players of the original Settlers games will no doubt be able to reminisce as they collect the necessary resources to expand beyond their town hall.

Players of other online strategy variants will recognise the gameplay formula pretty quickly which has players building up their city and going off to battle all while gaining experience and unlocking new technology to defeat the next opponent that is always right around the corner.

Settlers Online does a great job of making this endless cycle enjoyable with lots of different options and plenty to manage along the way. The game also has a large community of players to join forces with through the guild and trading systems.


While graphics definitely don’t make a strategy game the art style in The Settlers Online is really impressive and shows just how far browser games have come in a few short years as technology and internet speeds have continued to grow at a rapid pace. This style has a nice hand drawn feeling to it with plenty of impressive textures for landscape and buildings. Most importantly a huge amount of the gameplay is fully animated so you can watch as your little villagers walk from place to place (it’s always the small things that can add a lot to a game experience).

The Settlers Online is truly a breath of fresh air in an extremely stale and often very disappointing game genre where good games are hard to find. While fans of The Settlers series will enjoy it the most it is still an extremely enjoyable experience for newcomers to the franchise.


  • Captures the essence of the Settlers series.
  • One of the few impressive free to play browser strategy games.
  • Impressive visuals and lots of animations make for a realistic experience.
  • Gather resources, build up your city and attack bandits.
  • Friendly community with plenty of chances for social interaction.



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