The Tiny Bang Story

  • Beautiful graphics and world style that provides a quirky adventure
  • Great puzzle design and variety with refillable in game hints to keep you within the game when stuck
  • Limited depth makes it unlikely to earn more than a single short playthrough

The Tiny Bang Story blends puzzle and hidden object games together with a beautiful hand drawn art style and delivers it to your computer, mobile device and Nintendo Switch. With over 30 puzzles awaiting you in this puzzle point and click adventure blend The Tiny Bang Story will take you around half a dozen hours from start to end depending on your speed of progress.


The game is set on Tiny Planet which was once a vibrant and calm environment filled with colour, people and strange objects. That was until the world was struck by a meteor which changed this tiny world forever and needs a hero to restore the world to its original state. Like most video games the player is the only one capable of filling this role with a solution that will alter the fate of the world now resting solely in your capable puzzle solving hands.

In order to save the future of Tiny Planet players will need to explore the world while fixing various machines that you encounter. In addition to playing Tiny Planet mechanic players will lend a helping hand to the various inhabitants around the world by solving puzzles for them that resolve issues for them personally. The majority of these puzzles in The Tiny Bang Story involve item collecting and hidden object hunting but there are still a number of more traditional puzzles spread across the game world with the likes of familiar mini games.


All in all your adventure is split between five chapters which explore different story elements and provide a change of theme and setting to keep gameplay fresh as you progress. Each chapter features around six or seven brain challenges which can range from simple one screen solutions to larger and longer sequences of events for the solution for a total of over 30 puzzles. All of this is done without spoken or written dialogue which ensures The Tiny Bang Story is just as much about your own exploration of the world as you build your own understanding of the strange and wonderful Tiny Planet.

As you complete the various puzzles you’ll also get to experience The Tiny Bang Story musical soundtrack that build further on the strange atmosphere of the world. For players that get stuck along the way in their journey you’ll be able to collect fireflies from most game locations that enable you to earn additional hints for when you do get stuck and want to resolve it yourself without the use of an external walkthrough.


The Tiny Bang Story isn’t overly difficult though and is best enjoyed if you have the time to approach the game in the relaxed manner that it’s intended. Working through the game at a slow pace with the music playing peacefully in the background is definitely the way it was developed to be experienced.


  • A puzzle and object hunting adventure that spans roughly half a dozen gameplay hours.
  • Five different chapters with their own setting and challenges with over 30 puzzles within them.
  • Beautifully crafted graphics make for a unique experience as you explore the strange world of Tiny Planet.
  • A game world that lacks written text to improve overall accessibility and focus your attention on the world of puzzles.
  • Simple and relaxing game with a low difficulty level supported with refillable in game hints if required.



Review Platform: PC

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