The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Beautiful and large game world – Strong story and combat
  • Some clumsy control issues

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes an already impressive franchise and takes it to a whole new level of action role playing as you explore the sprawling open landscapes, make decisions, engage in combat and investigate countless side missions on horseback.


Completing the story arc of Geralt of Rivia the game continues shortly after the events of The Witcher 2 as Geralt moves on with his life and takes the next step in his personal mission. The story elements are as strong as ever and with the huge open world that is many times larger than the past games it is only enhanced further. The grand scale even dwarves similar games such as Skyrim with the game boasting almost 20% more game content.

For those unfamiliar the adventures of Geralt, players will be taking control of a witcher, a powerful and professional monster hunter for hire. Trained from birth and wandering the monster infested landscape you clean up the messes left behind, for the right price.

Like many games that reach a third instalment The Witcher 3 has opted for an experience that doesn’t require previous experience with the series. There are of course no shortage of references between the game but the impact on newcomers is little to none for that won’t or can’t start the franchise form game one.

From a core gameplay perspective The Witcher 3 features very few new features for players to enjoy instead opting to focusing on the refinement of mechanics to create the pinnacle of the franchise yet. Combat is still heavily driven by melee weapons and magic but now players will also have a crossbow at their disposal along with combat on the high seas or on horseback.


Item creation, potion making and The Witcher signs also make a return with slightly modified mechanics. Geralt also feels more complete with swimming, climbing and jumping abilities that have been expanded significantly.

The sheer amount of content that The Witcher 3 offers (in excess of 150 for a full complete) make it worth the dollars alone. Once you factor in the dark story, beautiful landscape and the little touches of detail around the corner the game should be an instant buy.


  • Return to the monster filled adventures of Geralt once more.
  • Experience a more nimble Geralt with more combat options.
  • A world filled with content to rival all other RPGs.
  • All your favourite mechanics return but enhanced for greater depth.
  • In excess of 150hrs of play time.



Review Platform: PC

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