Theme Hospital

  • Dark sense of humour with the ability to force patients to take certain actions to cure their comical diseaseas
  • Minimal building gameplay beyond the initial scenario setup gives little room for expansion opportunities

Theme Hospital is another gaming classic developed by Bullfrog Productions which puts the player at the head of controlling your own hospital with a twist of humour. Launched in 1997 for Windows and Mac it is one of the original tycoon management games in the genre while also still being one of the few video games available that opts for a hospital environment.


Your objective in Theme Hospital is take the privately owned hospital from basic services to advanced cures where you’ll cure a number of fictitious and often comical ailments of your patients. Theme Hospital takes place within the four walls of a hospital which players build themselves using a variety of room types and objects that are available. Once you’ve setup your hospital design you will attract patients that come to the hospital with strange illnesses and diseases.

Just like in other simulation games players don’t directly influence the game world or control the doctors but instead focus on providing the necessary rooms, staff, hospital policies and objects that a hospital needs to operate properly. Players are given some level of basic control as they are able to pick up their hired staff to direct them to where they are needed or speed up their travel time.


In a cruel twist of fate players can even expel patients in their hospital if they are being difficult or simply expel them so they don’t die within the hospital as this impacts your reputation. Players can also force medicine on patients with a certain chance of success that might be able to treat a difficult patient if your workers aren’t having the necessary success. Workers can also be invested in to boost their base statistics to turn them into high performing hospital workers.

Levels in Theme Hospital are split into different scenarios with their own challenges or time restrictions which require players to alter their strategy throughout the game while also building on mechanics of past scenarios. Within each of these you’ll also face off against computer rivals who are competing for patient wallets.


With much of the building and setting up happening before your first patient in these scenarios much of the strategy in Theme Hospital happens before the actual game starts with players given plenty of time to build their rooms and hire staff before accepting patients. Players are free to set their room sizes although rooms have certain size requirements to operate (and fit objects). Once you’ve got the necessary rooms patients are attracted based on your reputation and your expenses for treatment which creates a financial gameplay loop of hospital progression when done right.


  • Another classic from Bullfrog Productions the tycoon management genre.
  • Manage your own hospital with players given full control over the hospital environment and policy.
  • Build rooms, hire staff and place objects to create the best hospital you can and extract maximum profit.
  • Tackle multiple levels with their own challenges and specific strategies.
  • Released in 1997 for Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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