• Longstanding MMORPG that has continued to develop itself to maintain relevance as a free to play MMO over decades
  • Old graphics and interfaces make a difficult hurdle for newcomers to overcome

Tibia is one of the oldest games in the MMORPG genre and has been online since 1997 and has continually evolved itself with the times to ensure it still commands a healthy MMO community. In Tibia players explore a diverse 2D fantasy world from a top down perspective with a tile based game design that allows movement and combat across the land.


This diverse fantasy world offers features for MMORPG fans across the spectrum of casual and hardcore that are regularly updated and both leverage the peak levels of traffic at around tens of thousands of players. With many continents to explore each has their own pop culture and mythological references that it draws inspiration from while mixing them in unique ways. In total you’ll find nearly two dozen major city locations for players to gather, interact with NPCs and claim quests out in the wilderness as you develop your own Tibian who has skills as a knight, paladin, sorcerer or druid.

While the four class structure may seem small in comparison to other modern MMOs Tibia ensures that each is an exciting character vocation with strengths and weaknesses alongside visual customisation for your to create your own build from the multiple character development option paths. Part of this is the growth you’ll see as your character levels in hit points, mana, carry capacity, movement and magical power that is based on your class choice. Further customisation is delivered through the 8 core skills of fist, club, sword, axe, distance, shield, magic and fishing that again are closely tied to your character of choice.


Additional power level is delivered through a passive wheel of density that provides small ,medium and powerful effects while working closely alongside the equipment imbuing and fusion systems. While questing with this character to develop their strength is a critical goal it is by no means the only goal in Tibia with players able to set their own objectives across PvE and PvP content. Within this PvE and PvP content players will explore the wealth of mechanics that Tibia offers the likes of combat, trading, magic, quests, achievements, houses and guilds that ensure you have the full MMORPG experience in this game world.

Combat is the bulk of your time in Tibia though with the game UI and Cyclopedia helping players find their next battle with players encouraged to room to different areas by a moving improved respawn rate area. Pivotal to your combat is your choice of stance that allows for offensive, balanced and defensive skill priorities along with an expert mode for PvP fights that allows you to configure some automatic responses to enemies and limit your micromanagement. Like other popular MMOs like RuneScape combat is primarily round based with attacks occurring at regular intervals with your damage impacted by several factors.


With this combat in mind combat strategy in Tibia heavily revolves around researching the creature before a fight, understanding the terrain, limiting your encounters to 1 on 1 battles and having a plan in place for both offense and retreating if necessary. All the while players will be building up their inventory slots with armour, weapon, shield, amulet, rings, containers and an extra slot that each contribute to your statistics and provide the ongoing loot hunt challenges.


  • Launched in 1997 with over a decade worth of updates that continue to build on the MMO foundation.
  • Huge amounts of content to explore with a world documented in the Cyclopedia for players
  • Choose from four different vocations with their own progression paths.
  • Blended content experience with options for PvE and PvP fans.
  • Develop your character with skills and items as you complete a large array of quests across the fantasy lands.



Review Platform: PC

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