Tiny Defense 2

  • Fantastic amount of content for the price with 5 varied worlds of content and dozens of upgradeable units
  • Experience system for units and the generous bolts system provide a great progression curve to the core strategy gameplay
  • Includes in app purchases despite being a paid game (although by no means required to advance
  • Not all Minirobots are created equal which hurts your need to experiment outside a few core units

Bringing you back to the battlefield against the evil machines Tiny Defense 2 takes the original basic adventure and transforms it into an impressive robot filled strategy game through additional mechanics and general game polish. Available to purchase on iOS devices Tiny Defense 2 is a must grab for fans of the Plants vs Zombies gameplay style with it’s similar core principles.


For those unfamiliar with the formula (or the original Tiny Defense) you’ll be summoning your army of Minirobots to defend against wave after wave of Machines that want nothing more than your destruction. With dozens of Minirobots available that have their own strengths but equally very clear weaknesses you’ll have to be strategic If you intend to overcome the Machine threat. In total you can expect more than two dozen Bot variants with over half of these being new to the series.

Split into a 5 chapter story of 10 stages each (and 2 bonus missions) players fight through the worlds of Robopolis, Old Factory, Power Plant, Naval Base and Volcano that have their own environmental hazards which alter gameplay. Players start with a small pool of Minirobots to summon into the fight which includes the returning Fusor Bot to generate power, the Gunner Bot your basic attacker and Copter Bot a flying variant. Your Machine opponent though is equally diverse and always looking for a leg up which results in a constant arms race between the two armies for a counter unit to win the overall war. Said Machines will spawn periodically from the left side of the map and seek to reach their objective on the right hand side. In between these two points are the players defences which are placed on the 5 lane grid based map.


While basic starter units like the Fusor Bot (which generates energy for other troops) and the Gunner Bot can easily hold their own against the basic Smasher Machines you’ll need to also work in more unique units like the Radar Bot to your strategy once the Machines start to call their invisible units into battle. With clear counter strategies presented to players you’ll constantly be looking at your line up and how you can implement the required Minirobots to overcome the incoming waves.

While there are some core units that you’ll need to directly counter attackers within each level of Tiny Defense 2 there is more than enough room for multiple strategies and approaches to shine to ensure that you can call on your favourite upgraded units for each stage. Unlike other games in this genre in Tiny Defense 2 this also has a tangible benefit of improving on the units you use most through an experience system (awarded each time you place a particular unit).


This addicting upgrade mechanic will make you stretch yourself to use your favourite Minirobots across all stages and helps each level feel rewarding to beat as your team of favourites grows stronger with extra damage, health or extra utility. In addition a bolts system which is earned generously through play lets you upgrade Minirobots instantly or other elements of play such as your starting energy or health bar and rounds out a robust progression system.

With the large number of core levels, an additional challenge mode and the huge number of core units which are further customised with upgrades Tiny Defense 2 is leagues ahead of both the original experience and other Plants vs Zombies style clones.


  • 100 core levels plus challenge mode and special missions gives you ample game content.
  • Upgrade your units with either bolts or experience to access more damage, health or utility.
  • Great variety of Minirobots and Machines in each level to vary your strategy.
  • Varied level and world designs to keep the game challenging through environmental hazards
  • Available on iOS as a paid app purchase.



Review Platform: iOS

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